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Looking for business partners

xalexale Posts: 1subscriber
I am an experienced web developer myself and I have a company based in Europe. We want to participate in long-term Internet startup projects.We have access to low-priced human resources (web programmers, designers etc.) and we are willing work for equity and /or cash compensation.I have not experience in finding investors so I`m going to find a partner who will do financing and marketing and we will develop website or product.


  • xalexale Posts: 1subscriber
    Here are some of our recent projects:Social Bookmarking: - we are working on it now.
    Domain names market websites: - all domain names forums on single page - domains for sale - domains eBook
    Other: - Free Press Releases - Free Celebrities blogs
  • synergesticsynergestic Posts: 0subscriber
    This may be potentially interesting to my company.  We are developers of custom software and Web sites, and seek application and Web programmers.  We are in the process of building out our sales force, and it very well could make sense for us to share resources.  See my Web site at</A> and contact me if interested.
  • synergesticsynergestic Posts: 0subscriber
    We have projects that we could use as a precursor to exploring a long-term arrangement.  Please reply if interested.
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