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My attempt at a website...

enviroenviro subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Website Critique
This is a new company and its website that I created. It is all my design, which took a few days to complete. I am still constantly tweaking it:


My main goal is to have a site that answers any questions any potential customers might have and does it guide that customer to contacting me?
Please let me know what you think and I am open to anything, so don`t pull any punches.
Thanks very much,
enviro3/2/2009 4:29 AM


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Overall the message is ok. Maybe tell just what the process involves or how it works; I don`t get if this is a chemical you spray in the air, a sweeping/wiping system, etc., or what exactly is going to happen when you do this until I go to "Green Clean", which isn`t the most obvious way to get me to this information.
    IE wants to install a Media Player extension. Either my IE needs updated, or you want to run something that I may not want to go along with. This doesn`t happen in Firefox, but looking at your code I get the feeling there is a script that you want to run.
    The Yahoo coding is bloated, inefficient and terrible, and could probably be cut in half with proper code. It`s not something you can control, it`s the evil nature of site builders to do this. In W3C, there are 200+ errors on the main page. Not good.
  • banzaibertbanzaibert subscriber Posts: 0
    Love the site, looks very professional and very clean. I did not have any unanswered questions... seems to me your contents are complete. Nice work!
  • enviroenviro subscriber Posts: 1
    Webline - Yeah I used Yahoo sitebuilder and I know any web designer could do much better, but like I said I am new and it fit my "no money" budget. If I am even a little successful then I will probably upgrade to a smoother, better coded site.
    I will work on my message focus too.
    Thank you 
  • enviroenviro subscriber Posts: 1
    Loren - thank you for your input - when I was putting this all together I knew I was boring myself a little. Believe it or not I cut out a lot of stuff, so I will try to emphasize fear of disease more and work on the call to action, which brings me to a question:

    Other than putting my phone number on every page and asking to call me -

    What are good "calls to action"?

    On the positive side I did not spend a lot of money on this site - so thank you for the round about compliment.

    Again thank you for your input - much welcomed
  • enviroenviro subscriber Posts: 1
    Banzaibert - thank you very much - I wrote, composed and designed everything so I do appreciate the pat on the back
    However every criticism just makes my site better - so everything and anything is truly welcomed...Please everyone continue
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