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Looking for Professional Critiques

AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
Hi all
I am looking for some honest professional critiques of my site "DinoAds.com". It`s a site that has been up for a year now and includes free classifieds, articles and link directories. I am not trying to compete with CL but rather trying to bring together three popular forms of free SEO and link distribution. Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.Thanks...


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    3 things I notice.
    1. The first page immediately turned me off because of all the Google ads. My impression is that is isn`t substance, just a page for easy click through revenue. It also has a Google "look" to it in the title and menu. 6 different ad areas. Just my opinion, but it looks cheap.
    2. Inconsistent. No nav bar on every page that matches your index page. And using different types of programs, you have different looks throughout the site.
    3. Localization. I don`t see anything in the Classifieds that tells me if these are for certain geographic areas, national ads, etc. No sense of who the actual market is. I also don`t know, before placing an ad, it its free or not.

  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you Craig,
    How do I speed up the load time for my index page for different browser`s? Should I just remove as many images as I can and use more text? Please advise.....Thanks
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you Webline,
    I have been trying to find different PHP software templates or programs that are easy enough for me to edit so i can achieve the same look and feel through out the site. I am also working on menu`s that are not image based. Hopefully that will improve load time as well. I have battled with index page content for a while. Do you have recommendations for better index content?I appreciate your time and knowledge.Thanks,AdsMaster
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    My niche is the SEO advertising community. I aim to provide the opportunity for advertiser`s of all sorts to advertise their service, product, article or links through the DinoAds.com site.I am trying to make something different, maybe not new but, different. I do also agree with the idea of possibly targeting this to a local audience. My main goal is to adapt this site to provide the services that a specific group of user`s need (Free SEO). Hopefully overtime I will be able to find that exact look and feel that will make this site different from the rest. Thank you for the time you took to review my site.
  • ryanwithanrryanwithanr subscriber Posts: 1
    The site is visually frustrating as far as where my eyes are drawn to. There`s no real "flow". It`s jam packed with Google Adwords and looks gimmicky. I understand you`re trying to advertise, but most of your visitors are probably looking at that home page and clicking their `back` button. I`ve always liked how sites like Digg use adwords. One div or section and that`s it. Most visitors are turned off by large amounts of ads. You`re whole site is basically blocked in by google and google adwords.
    I would clean your page up a bit, and give people a clear idea of what`s going on. I personally don`t care for the Google color scheme. But that`s just my opinion.
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Feedback well taken. 
    I am going to try some new google placements and have them be less intrusive on the user. Will also be working on adding some new content on the home page. Thanks for your review.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member

    How do I speed up the load time for my index page for different browser`s? Should I just remove as many images as I can and use more text? 

    I see that your website is hosted on 1&1, and the server may be hosting dozens or even hundreds of other sites.   (This is how they keep prices low).  You would have to pay for a dedicated server to make it respond faster.
    I also agree with the other reviews - all I see is a page of Google ads.
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3


    Thanks for the speed tip. I will work on the google ads on the index page because the majority has opined the same. The reason why I have the google ads in different positions on the home page is because I was trying to get the best position on the page. My intention was never to leave the page full of adsense code. 

    Question: What do you think of the idea behind the site? Target=Free Advertising for the SEO community.

  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    I have made some changes based on feedback. Please let me know what you guy`s think.Thanks,
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    It`s better, and more pleasing to the eyes.  However, I would recommend putting the Google ads at the bottom of your home page.  I really think badly of a site that throws Google ads in my face.
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you Steve,
    Yes, new ad placement positions is another thing I will be experimenting with. Thanks again,
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi there,
    Just an update ,I have been working hard trying to fine tune my site with all suggestions made here. Hopefully it should all be in more sync by next week. Hope to talk to you all some more.C-ya
  • AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks CraigL,
    I still have the link directory to customize to the same look and feel as the rest of the site.I appreciate your feedback.
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