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Need advice/help on promoting a new service

On 16th of June, 2008, together with a partner we launched 2famo.us. This is a free service and it aims to be kind of a swiss knife tool for anyone trying to make their new (or old) websites known.
If you ever launched a website you know how hard it is to get through to the audience. There are so many new things on the Internet that your website might easily go unnoticed. I mean, unless you know people running websites with huge ammounts of traffic, chances are, your website won`t get noticed for a long time.
So what are we left with? What are the common ways we use to advertise our website? We will post our story on digg (but, in most cases will not have the desired result), we will pay for someone to spam on every blog and forum on earth saying "hey, nice website. check out this link [to your site]" and we will pay for some other guy to subscribe our website to the zillion web directories. Or we won`t pay and try to do things ourselves: slowly and painfully. And you will soon realize that there`s really not much you can do because after all, it`s really not in your power (of course, I am not talking here about those "SEO masters" who "know" how to attract traffic)
So, this tool is for the rest of us. Of course, only if it gets noticed...2famo.us offers free website promotion in a unique way. For those website users who are trying to drive more traffic to their websites, it offers a free, simple and yet elegant solution: booking links to their websites on the home page of 2famo.us. Over and over and over again. 2famo.us is an alternative to the average web directories. Web directories generally only offer a link back but they very rarely actually drive traffic to your website. In fact, best case scenario with web directories is that they will drive traffic to your website only from their page where they are showcasing the latest subscribed websites - which can be for a day, an hour, minutes or even less, depending on the amount of website that are continuously subscribed.
With 2famo.us we offer the possibility for every subscriber to book their websites on our home page as many times as they want and drive traffic to their respective websites and benefit from our free website promotion service.
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