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WebDropsWebDrops subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2008 in Website Critique
Hi Friends!!
I just wanted to take a minute and introduce you to http://www.PurpleTrail.comPurpleTrail is a brand new way to organize and manage parties,
get-togethers, events and meetings. It is the first ever event
organizer that lets you create, invite and evolve plans along with your
friends, colleagues and family in true web 2.0 style. It brings
together the best of the collaboration principles - building consensus,
voting for place and time choices, personal feedback - all into one
page and lets you manage them efficiently. PurpleTrail also has open
choices for event time like "Evening", "Sometime next week", that allow
you to sow a seed for an event and see it grow!Why PurpleTrail.


  • mbkitchenmbkitchen subscriber Posts: 0
    Nice site.
    My daughter is getting married next May and I sent her a link.  I`ll get her feedback and thoughts.
  • googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
    Great Site!!!!
    Attractive, good explanations and easy to use. I will try it out for my son`s upcoming birthday party!
    Here is the only thing I found that you should look at, it`s a grammatical error. It`s on your "take a tour" page # 4.

    " You event guest list is stored in your address book. This makes inviting them for your future events easier."
    Im sure you mean Your event.
    Best of Luck and.........GO GET IT!!!!!!



    googleguy8/2/2008 10:45 PM
  • WebDropsWebDrops subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for recommending PurpleTrail.com to your daughter... do let me
    know what she has to say... or if you want we can even get a special
    wedding invitation designed for her...
    @ googleguy
    do try it out for your son`s Birthday... PurpleTrail has some good
    birthday invitations... and thanks for pointing out that grammatical
    mistake we will take care of it...
    @ HostRail
    ... Thanks for your feedback... point noted and we will soon be
    making the changes to make our call to action “creating
    invitations” more visible...
    any other feedback are highly
    appreciated... Thanks
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