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Generating engagement on your Facebook Page

WayneLiewWayneLiew subscriber Posts: 3
edited June 2013 in Marketing
Personally, I think many marketers are focusing too much on getting people to like their Facebook Page but most of the time, nothing will happen after the initial likes. Some FB Page may have thousands of fans but if you look at the posts, nobody is commenting, liking or sharing and you can be sure that nobody is clicking through on the links.
After analyzing a few popular Facebook Page, I came up with one assumption. You need to make your fans happy in order to boost engagement.
7 Tips to Boost the Happiness Level of a Facebook Page
What do you think? Do you have other strategies that you have been using?


  • MrsEntrepreneurMrsEntrepreneur subscriber Posts: 0
    Thank you for this! This is just what I needed!
  • MrsEntrepreneurMrsEntrepreneur subscriber Posts: 0
    OMG Wayne it worked!! I didn't get around to doing all of the things on the list but I did change my profile image for my business page to a picture of me with my company name on it. I am smiling big in the photo and I put my personality into one of my posts and a person who had liked my business who had NEVER commented or liked liked my last post!!! Thank you so much, I must admit my posts were boring so I am going to add more spice to it! THANK YOU!
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