Getting back to business, where would you start first?

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I am getting ready to restart my small business again, after not doing it for 3-4 years.
All the infrastructure is in place. I have the 2 corporations (which have been on idle) All my websites are in place. Yellow pages ad is not, however it`s early for that, and the phone book deadline here is march for ad submission, and distribution late summer.
I`m cool on the phone book, `cause I get a lot more people looking for employment than real jobs.
Curious what you folks think is a good (re)starting point.


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    You should most definitely check out our FREE entrepreneur guide since you are starting back into business.  It provides you with a wealth of information.   Well over a dozen government agencies recommend it.   Check it out and tell me what you think. 
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    I have been working toward
    building my business for a year now. One resource that I`ve found to be
    extremely powerful is John Assaraf`s OneCoach Business Insights blog. The
    content is so positive, even in these poor economic times, and very helpful to
    my small business needs. Here`s the site: Enjoy!
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