Problem with Entity Choise..To late to change?

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I am starting up a business and recently began the process as a Virginia resident.  I did, however, go a little out of order.  I have registered a EIN number with the IRS as an LLC, acquired my City business license `XYZ, LLC`, paid over 300.00 to get my DUNS account started as `XYZ, LLC` and acquired about 4 Credit accounts with the EIN and DUNS # as `XYZ, LLC`.  One thing I have not done is register with the SCC and DOT yet.
Since I have began, I have had several key factors change in the organization that has warranted me to not only change the company name, but entity structure.  I know the name change would not be such a big deal, however the entity change might be.  I want to change to an S Corporation.  At this point what would be my best effort be in accomplishing this? 
Any help would be appreciated.


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