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newbie intro and q on company names

rockdoctorrockdoctor subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in Business Planning
Hi all,
Just joined and wanted to say hello.  I`m in the process of building a dedicated clientele while working for another organization and planning on taking the show on the road within three years.  In the meantime I have a lot to learn about starting up my own business.  I have a random question having no particular priority for me except that I am beginning to develop marketing materials.  I perform very specialized scientific services for two general categories of clientele.  I want to be able to use search engines to my benefit by naming my company in line with typical keywords.  I was thinking perhaps about having one central company name with two divisions that are named to take advantage of keywords.  For example, Brick Chemistry Consultants (a division of RockDoctor, Inc.).  Anyone like to offer any pros and cons to that sort of decision?


  • rockdoctorrockdoctor subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi and thanks for getting back to me.  The trick is that I perform very specialized services for clients that barely understand what they need.  It`s a type of construction materials testing performed by only several dozen people in the country (at least those who are qualified).  Very often these clients are compelled to get this type of service either because of problems on an active jobsite or because a job specification requires it.  If they aren`t referred to me from previous clients, they are on the web doing keyword searches to find a qualified lab.  I would like to have the benefit of having those keywords in my company name so that I may get accidentally stumbled upon early within a Google search.  The wrinkle is that I have two types of clientele, one in the historical conservancy market and one in new construction.  I feel the marketing requirements and company image are quite different for each.  I was wondering if it would be beneficial to appear as two separate divisions of the same company.  If so, are there any cons financially or otherwise that I am not considering?
  • rockdoctorrockdoctor subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you very much; that was all very helpful.  I suppose I`ve always thought about SEO without knowing that it had a formal name.  Clearly I need to reserach this better.  If you have any links that might explain some basics objectively I`d appreciate it.
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