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California Vs Florida

vuky91vuky91 subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2010 in Business Planning

I will be short. You see, I am currently working on some case study, so I would require some help from you folks.. My case study is base on problem which one is better location for opening a branch - California or Florida and I also have too keep in mind (and this is crucial) that branch should be connection with Latin American Market and Europe. So, as you see, company is based here in Europe (more specific in Croatia), It's ICT business - mobile services... I know, I am not givin you a lot of informations, but I just wanna know which state has better connections with Latin America (if I need to be more specific with Brazil). Maybe, It would be also good, If I am opening a branch in US. to take adventage of present market. As I red on some portal, Florida is being considered as biggest touristic destinations in the whole world (well, I tought that Ca is beating in that one, I was obviously wrong:)), but in Florida are major departure harbors for cruisers which sounds interesting for my business. In other hand, California has a lot to offer also...Professional sport (NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NFL) is double stronger that the ones in Florida..but OK, let me handle that ones, pls, concentrate on the main issue..existing business connections Ca-Latin America, Fl - Latin America. That banch should be connectin between Latin countries and Europe, so I think Florida has better airplane connections with europe. A lot of thing speaks for the favor of Florida, but more brains think more better..

tnx ya all for the help..
Cheers, and all the best!


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