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Need advise

Talidaisy1Talidaisy1 subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Selecting a Business
I have an idea to start a Fresh-Mex style, walk up to the counter restaurant. My goal is to copy the business model of one of the larger chains. Any advise that anyone can provide would be great.


  • LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Talidaisy1It`s hard to give you any advice because your asking for non specific advice.  You said you are following a chain restaurant`s business model, I am assuming-La Salsa, Baja Fresh,and Rubio`s. Is there anything from their business model that you wouldn`t apply with your restaurant?  I am also in the infancy stage of our restaurant.  Just a few things I can give you a heads up on.-Make your space as minimal as possible. Making it a sit down will cost more on rental budget.-Know your location well. Study your traffic. What hours are busy and what`s not. It will help you plan your staffing strategies.-Be prepared to have plenty of cash. Your purveyors will not extend credit to you at an early stage of your operation.-Mexican food is a good dish. It uses just about the same base ingredients.-Don`t create a huge menu. Build a strong menu gradually by introducing a new product one at a time. This will help you pinpoint what to include or not include in your menu. Starting with a big list  right away will be the main issue for food waste. Another budget eater.-I hope you have someone or yourself with experience in the restaurant industry. It really helps.Good luck to you and I hope some of these tips gave you some good advice to start off.LT
  • Talidaisy1Talidaisy1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the advise. I do plan to use Baja Fresh and La salsa as a model. I was think of not doing the assembly line method and just having the items made in the kitchen area. I want to keep the idea as simple as possible. Super fresh steak, chicken, and fish with burritos and tacos being the main dishes until I can get a following.  
    The only experiance I have in the restaurant industry is serving and bartending, but that was about 8yrs ago. That is the main reason I`m looking for any advise I can get.
    Any advise on leasing kitchen equipment vs. buying it. And whether I should try to get into a new construction plaza or go with one that has been around a while.    
    Again that for advise
  • LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Talidaisy1,I am providing you with this link so I don`t have to type as much. LOLhttp://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/Dummies ... -2575.htmlThis should give you an idea on leasing vs. buying restaurant equipments.  Location is very very important.  However, some things to consider. Be aware that more than likely in a new construction plaza you will have a Triple N additional charges beyond your rent.  What this means is every renter in that plaza pitches in for common usage such as, water, trash, electric, sewer, maintenance, insurance and even the property taxes.  Don`t forget that all modifications in the building or building to suit will also be your expense. They basically give you an empty space. Which also means timing is everything.  You need to start your lease and get done with your modifications in a timely manner.  You`ll find that many  restaurant owners run out of money before they even open their doors.  The rent and modifications had sucked up all the money.Consider all these scenarios before plunging in completely.LT
  • nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
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