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E -Coupons are Proven Way to increase Sales

WOWbizWOWbiz subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2010 in Marketing

E-coupons are a great way for
sellers to do business on the Internet, promote their products and
generate demand for them. It can help businesses keep their Web sites
and offline shops supplied with a steady flow of online customers. Many
businesses offer e-coupons on a daily basis through their Web sites.
Businesses in this case will offer discounts through e-coupons on
different products each day. E-coupons also serve to increase the
number of new customers coming to offline stores with printed coupons
to redeem the discount on products. Seasonal e-coupons, offered at
times such as Christmas or Halloween, are also quite common. E-coupons
are offered on virtually every imaginable item, including those that
people use daily such as toiletries, groceries and household products.

E - coupons are Proven way to increase Sales and exposure for all Businesses. Using “BUSINESS WEB PROFILE” and the “coupon Publisher” You can easily Create and Distrubute coupons and mailers to a specific target market and your customer database.

In what cities do you want your customers or clients to search and find your E- coupons?The

Online “Coupon Publisher” is a
simple three step process simple write description for your coupon
choose your marketable cities and send

The business profile management
and marketing website on a regular basis ,the Search engine
optimization manager will submit the updates like publishing
e-coupons,updating videos and business galleries to all search engines
like google.yahoo,MSN,ASK

Any marketing expert will tell you
that tracking your marketing efforts plays a crucial role when it comes
to effectively managing marketing tools. Using “Traffic Tracker” on a
daily or hourly basis you are able to track.How many people are visited
your profile and printed your coupon this feature is available on in local search engines from any internet connection.

E-coupons help
advertise the products of a business online. They represent a powerful
marketing venue to help businesses use the Internet to increase their
sales by reaching a wider range of customers.

WOWbiz2/20/2009 6:53 AM


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    coupondispatchcoupondispatch subscriber Posts: 0
    Nice post, I agree that coupons are a vital method of moving product off of the shelves. Without a promotional vehicle like an online coupon, many businesses would not do so well. One big misconception is that an online coupon will cost a business money since they are offering their product or services for a discounted rate. The truth is, in many cases, an arrangement has been made between the manufacturer of a product and the retailer selling it. If the retailer receives a coupon with the order, often times the manufacturer will reimburse the retailer for the sale.
    In the end the manufacturer can move more product, the retailer is able to make the same amount of money off of the item sold, and the consumer gets a discount off the regular price of the item. It's a win-win-win situation!
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