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Market research for very little money

VickiJVickiJ subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2006 in Marketing
Hello Everyone. Can some of you experienced people give me some ideas on conducting market research without a lot of money? I`m interested in publishing a newsletter or magazine aimed at people who enjoy outdoor recreation in my local area. There really isn`t any other publication like it. Not near me anyway. I don`t know if that means there isn`t a market for it or if it`s a new idea. If anybody knows about a similar publication in another part of the country, please let me know. Thanks!


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Vicki - I would ask you a lot of the same questions Sammy asked and since he/she covered a bunch, I will try to ask some other questions.
    Not knowing where you live, the size of the town, the kind of outdoor recreation you are talking about, nor the target audience, this is a tough assignment. But I do believe that very targeted publications have a place in most any community and can do well.
    I am assuming you want to make a profit in this venture. If so, the advertising is where you`ll make the money - not subscriptions. But back to the market research issue.
    Please provide more info on your local, types of recreation available, size of town/city, a little more about the project in general. I can probably give you some ideas that will help and based on what I`m reading here just in the last few days, we are building a very knowledgeable and experienced community that is full of wonderful people willing to assist you, too.
    Good day - R@
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    A couple of ideas before I go off to "Sleepworking".
    Create a simple postcard size survey containing up to about 10 questions. Postage paid with your address on it so you make it easy for the people who fill them out to return them to you. If you need help with the questions, let me know. But I imagine you can do this. The idea being to find out if your target audience is interested in this newsletter/magazine idea on highlighting recreational opportunities in your area. Also, ask if they would like to see this kind of info provided through an eNewsletter. If so, would they like to subscribe - if "yes", capture their email address in the survey so you can start building your initial database of subscribers. The people who do this will become your first level of "discipals" - spreading the word and possibly giving you feedback as you converse with them on an ongoing nature - if they agree for you to contact them, which I would ask to do. They will become your customer "evangelists" for your idea.
    Place these survey cards in recreational businesses, i.e.: canoe shops, backpacking stores, atheltic shoe stores, hunting stores, gun shops, ...... you get the idea. Anywhere your recreational target audience shops. Get the cards out there in front of these people.
    Maybe even look into some small plastic stands that could sit on the counters of these stores if the owners will let you do this. Going this route also opens the door for you to tell your story to the owners of these stores which leads to asking them if they would be interested in advertising in this venture. Make it special for them. Offer them a special deal for jumping on the bandwagon first - like a founder`s club or something. Continue to give these "believers" a good rate for a year or more. Treat these people like they are part of your "Mastermind" group. Use them for ideas and stories. Maybe some can write and will contribute to the publication.
    You will gather info quickly by getting in front of your target audience. Go where they are. It does not take a huge response to get a good feel for what is the general idea of this group of people.
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