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Launching my invention

yuxistyuxist subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in Sales
I have recently filed for a patent. I`m not sure which direction to go from here. If I think it will sell 1,000,000 copies, (who doesn`t right?) what route should I take? Let a company like Guthy - Renker have it and settle for a couple of percent.Raise my own VC and market it myself. Take to Oprah/QVCs new product search.After all who`s going to mess with Oprah?If it is that successful it will be copied in a very short period of time.Thankx


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    RenewalVenturesRenewalVentures subscriber Posts: 0
    Congratulations on getting your patent application filed. Hopefully, funding the whole patent process is within your budget.Along with the fine observations that others have added, I would also suggest that you should consider your strategy for any related inventions that you might make.Sometimes, the first invention gets your foot in the door, but the second invention is even more valuable. That can often have something to do with the fact that you have become smarter, and more sensitive to the marketplace`s needs. As you investigate your current invention`s marketability, you need to think about whether you will want some financial backing from technology buyers to fund your next invention`s development. As you know, everything is negotiable. Some technology buyers, after having seen your first invention, may desire to collaborate with you on related projects that could lead to new related inventions. For that reason, you should seek advice from a competent patent lawyer regarding the best means to ensure that the technology buyer does not undermine your future invention rights.Finally, be aware of so-called patent trolls, companies who have become famous for buying invention rights just for purposes of suing others. If you have a passion to see your invention on the market, then you may need to carefully choose your technology buyer according to its reputation for product development and actual sales.
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