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legnalegna subscriber Posts: 3
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The Number 5 Mistake That VAs Make
Offering services that they have no experience in or offering too many
services. Many VAs, particularly newer ones, get carried away by the
possibilities of what they can offer clients, not realising that if they cannot provide
quality service, they not only do themselves a disservice but the whole industry as well.
It’s important you start with what you know best and can do with your eyes closed,
so to speak, and then gradually build from there. Only you know what you’re capable of, but you need to be mindful of ‘biting off more than you can chew’.  
Yes, I know, there is that saying that you can ‘chew like hell’ but sometimes it can
get you into trouble. Belonging to VA networks can be particularly useful in
this regard. If you do find you’ve taken on something that is beyond your
capabilities you can save face by offering to assist the client to find someone more
suitable to support them.  It’s better than just leaving them in the lurch, trying to
pick up the pieces.
I’ve taken on clients that have been abandoned by others for one reason or another and have to spend time sorting out a mess and getting up to speed
fore I can do the real work of moving the client forward.
Be prepared to share the load - if the client contacts you but you can’t fulfil their
need because you don’t have the skill or the time then make use of your VA peer contacts.  There will come a day when the favour is returned. And if the
clients are anything like mine they’ll keep coming back to you for
whatever information you have or contacts you know, simply
because you’ve been so helpful in the past.


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