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seguesegue subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2009 in Elevator Pitches
Greetings sir/ma'am,

My name is so-and-so. I'm the (position or title) of so-and-so, inc.

As most of us know, the Earth cannot sustain the rate of human consumption. There are reports of environmental pollution, dead zones in the oceans, oceanic garbage patches, and gravest of all, the lowering of the percentage of oxygen in the air which is linked to global warming.

These are some of the problems and we are passing it down to our future generations. It's what many would call a legacy of sort would it not? If this is the type of legacy we, the current generation, is passing down, damned are our children and children's children.

Now, how do we repair the damage or at least start the reparations that our ancestors and us have played a helping hand in knowingly or unknowingly. We need to fundamentally change ourselves, but how?

One of the ways to help repair the damage that's done is by going with EV's or an electric car. With EV's, there is no exhaust. Now hybrids and plug-in hybrids are an ingenious conception but they still pollute the air. It's been shown that one gallon of gasoline adds 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air and that's excluding the other harmful gases from the exhaust. A similar thing could be said about using alternative fuels such as bio-fuels and ethanol. By going electric, there is no exhaust.

Another issue is the economy. How many people do you know of that has lost their jobs or has trouble making end's meat? With the down turn of the economy, it's hard to make payments, it's hard to support the family and it's just practically hard finding money? Worse still for those that have shot credit; am I right? Without credit, one cannot find a, these days, a job, housing, a car and etc.

With an EV, the cost of ownership is less than that of owning a conventional vehicle (CV). The cost of recharging is less than refueling. EV's are cleaner and less parts, if any, that needs to be annually or periodically replaced. Whereas CV's requires an oil change periodically, oil filter replaced, radiator fluid change, air filter changed and is much dirty to maintain. Therefore, EV offers a considerable amount of cost savings to the consumer.

Thank you for allowing me to speak with you. Enjoy your day.
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