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do work yourself or virtual assistant

takeabreaktakeabreak subscriber Posts: 5
If you have no employees to help you,  how many business owners or entrepreneurs would consider using the services of a virtual assistant, rather than doing all the work yourself?
If you have already done so, were you pleased with the results?
What types of work would you delegate?
Would you prefer to pay hourly or per project?
Think back over the course of one week.  How many tasks could have easily been handled by a virtual assistant to free up your time to do other things?
Thanks for your time in answering.  I currently serve as a virtual assistant to a couple of people, but am now considering expanding into a business.   Just checking if there is still a demand for this sort of thing.  


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    xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
    If you have already done so, were you pleased with the results?
    Moderately pleased. I could do a better job, but for menial tasks, they are helpful.
    What types of work would you delegate?

    data entry, faxing, emailing, etc.
    Would you prefer to pay hourly or per project?
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    VirtualAssistantKristiVirtualAssistantKristi subscriber Posts: 0
    I think that the Virtual Assistant business is growing by leaps and bounds.  As more and more business owners learn the value of a good VA, we will have our hands full.  The key is though, that business owners understand you are going to get unsatisfactory VA`s as well as VA`s that will knock your socks off, just like you would with hiring employees.  Hopefully business owners will understand that just because they are not thrilled with the first VA they hire, it does not mean there is that perfect VA right around the corner.
    Kristi Daniels
    Professional Business Assistant
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    nextjobhelpnextjobhelp subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m sure im a little biased, but I say outsource and make more time for the important tasks. The favorite part about my job is hearing back from my clients about the things they are doing with that spare time and how much it actually makes a improvement in their lives.
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