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I`m new here and haven`t completed a profile yet, but will take everyone`s advice and post my info. soon.    I thank everyone who offered help to me in a recent post.   Everyone here is great!  I`ve learned so much from just listening.
In addition to trying to start a plan for an at-home virtual assistance business, I work a full-time job.    I look to cut my hours back to 32 hours real soon, in order to gain one day to dedicate to my planning and marketing.    Of course, I  would like to have one or two clients before I do that, but I`m getting to the point where I may just do it!   
Some of you suggested that I go try door-to-door networking.  I`m limited when I can go door-to-door due to my work hours.    Many businesses are closed when I get off work.
Any suggetions on what I could do in the evenings or weekends to try to locate potential clients?
Right now, the only individuals that I`d be a good match for are people who don`t have a time restriction on when the work is performed because the only time I have is nights and weekends.   From what I`ve reseached, with me being located on the east coast, I may be a good match for clients located on the west coast because of the fact that I`m three hours ahead of their schedule.  By the time they would start work in the morning, I could have alot of the work done and waiting.
Any current VA`s know of any resources I could check out on business forms I should be using such as project agreements, client profile sheets, confidentiality non-disclosure agreements, new client information sheet, etc.  I`m getting to work now on getting all these forms ready so I will be prepared when I do get clients. 
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