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online fraud and scammers , how do you deal with them

RaniaRania subscriber Posts: 2
hi everybody , I just launched a new webstore 15 days ago ( www.dealzusa.com</A>) , I got about 30 orders , 25 of these orders are fraud, all of them are IPOD`s buyers, and they pay 65.00 for overnight shipping , I`m so discourged and I`m already thinking of shutting down the website , I keep thinking what if the other 5 orders that I already processed are fraud .
how do you guys deal with it , what kind of precautions you guys do before accpeting orders , I`m currently using paypal pro for credit card processing , ,,,, I`m so disappointed , I`m an architect  and I`m thinking of getting back to work.
I had to remove all the iPods exept for the ipod shuffle which is very cheap.
any advice


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    First of all Rania,Sorry to disappoint you but that is just the nature of business, and dealing with Online stores. Fraud!, Well how do you stop fraud from happening? Well, don`t we all wish is was that simple? Reality; No!!! you do not need to shut your store down, and call it quits... First of all because you are an entreprenuer, and you should be aware of all that: scams, lies, and fraud all come with the territory of an online store... What you need to do is, slow down a little... I know you are eager to make your first sale, photo copy the check / reciept and put it on a plaque so it can remind you along the way that, that was your first sale.. My advise is do what I tell my customers, Call and verify the order, Wait till the funds clear, on your policy add "All sales are final"... Don`t ship the item until the funds clear.. Most of all Call to verify the address. billing information, and Credit Card Billing address.Drop Pay Pal... what you need is a credit card processor that checks CC`s in real time and check for fraudulent transactions.
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