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Destined to be an employee

UnwantedNewsUnwantedNews subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Selecting a Business
Am I destined to be an employee? I have read so many wonderful writings here at StartupNation.
, CraigL, BrandAlchemy, iouone2, entreprenerd. Ok. I cannot name them all. The list would never end. My point is, most people are saying, "find your passion" or "do something that interests you." I can`t seem to determine what interests me. I have taken online tests that are supposed to help address these issues, but it all seems like bull. I surf the net looking for topics of interest but nothing truly holds my attention.I know, no one can tell me, "you look like a rocket scientist. become one." But I would really like to get out of the, "yes boss, right away boss" situation 9-5er`s always find ourselves in. I find NO value in working for `the man.` I am just so tired of not loving my job.Please... give me some suggestions. Open my eyes to what I cannot see. What am I missing? To be honest, I don`t have a problem working `for` others. I just want to feel like my efforts make a difference. I want my effort to be valued.When you own and operate your business, you are helping others solve the problems in their own lives. How can I do that. How do I find a topic of passion and interest? I hope someone has words of wisdom that will ring through my soul.


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    UnwantedNews: "To be honest, I don`t have a problem working `for` others. I just want to feel like my efforts make a difference. I want my effort to be valued.When you own and operate your business, you are helping others solve the problems in their own lives. How can I do that. How do I find a topic of passion and interest?"
    Wow!  You sound like a very deep, caring person who MIGHT be barking up the wrong tree looking for fulfillment possibly in the the wrong place (or maybe just the wrong place for now).  Based on those few sentences, it`s obvious that you want to feel like your work makes a difference in someone`s life.  If you don`t know how to do that just yet, maybe volunteer with an organization that interests you, even if it`s just a little.  (Children w/ special needs, Veterans affairs, battered women, homelessness, the list goes on and on)  Even if you can only give an hour or so a week, you might find your "inspiration" or "passion" for something.  If not, move on to the next thing, but soon I bet you will find something that shows you just how much of a difference you can make.  From there you might find a different career path working for someone that does work you believe in, or you might be inspired to start your own company, non-profit or for profit that means something to you.   Very very best of luck!!  Keep us posted!GrillCharmer2007-4-4 14:32:25
  • OhhBoyOhhBoy subscriber Posts: 5
    I am a bit of a contrarian with this idea of a need to have a "passion" for your business idea or follow your interests.  I would not fault anyone for undertaking a business for which they have a passion for the product, industry, etc.  I would also not fault someone else who went into a business just because it is profitable.  Read "Built to Last" or "Good to Great" by Jim Collins.  Jim speaks to both extremes such as 3M where they really had little idea of what they wanted to do and Wal-Mart where Sam Walton had strong conviction for what he wanted to do.  Motorola started out as a battery repair company, and look where they are today.  3M had to make sandpaper just to stay in business.  The point is that many businesses such as 3M and HP were not founded in the businesses in which they became successful.  Taking the risk, executing a plan and making adjustments as needed seems to be a common recipe. 
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
  • SunrisemgmtSunrisemgmt subscriber Posts: 1
    Unwanted News: Perhaps you should consider becoming a "lifestyle trainer" and working on a home-based business part-time/spare-time.  This is one of the fastest ways to start "owning your life" so you have the time, money, and health to do what you want, whenever you want.   Cheers,Brion
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a "lifestyle trainer".  Nutshell version please!
  • UnwantedNewsUnwantedNews subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks to all, for providing such encouragement and addressing the "where`s the passion" question.
    , your comments are exactly the search I have been on, yet I have found no new discoveries. That`s why I thought I was doing something wrong. I will keep up the `good fight.` And report back with any new enlightenment.Sunrisemgmt, I have looked through your entire site, and it left me feeling like it is some sort of marketing program or some kind of `get rich` plan that doesn`t give any information without taking all my contact info. Like GrillCharmer, I would love it if you could give some concrete, quality information about what it (lifestyle trainer) is and what actions a person (me) would physically be doing. I do appreciate you pointing me in this direction, but I am a bit of a skeptic I guess.
  • SunrisemgmtSunrisemgmt subscriber Posts: 1
    GrillCharmer:  A "lifestyle trainer" is someone who teaches people how to "own their life".  Owning your life means having the time and money to do the things that are most important to you.  If you want more info, check out http://www.iownmylife.net/brlau.  Hope this answers your question!  
  • SunrisemgmtSunrisemgmt subscriber Posts: 1
    Unwanted News:  Thanks for visiting my site.  This is part of our system (process) to qualify people and determine if someone truly wants to own their life instead of working for someone else.  If someone takes the step to fill out the form, then I`ll take the next step to follow up.  I only need to ask a few short questions to determine if the person will succeed with our home-based business opportunity (and it is a legitimate opportunity with a real product).  If you become part of the team, then I go to work for you and help you grow your business.  A person has to want a `better life` and needs to be willing to learn the system I will teach.  Otherwise it is a waste of their and my time to continue the discussion.  I understand your skepticism; not everyone will take the required steps to find out what`s at the end of the rainbow.  I hope you`re not one of those people.  Have a great day! 
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I find this question about being destined to be an employee an interesting one. Throughout my life I have been `educated` to believe that we all have a role to play. Didn`t Shakespeare say it first?"All the world`s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances;"Could it be that you have no other passions because you are content enough to remain in your current job position? Or maybe, life is still preparing you for the missing element that will propel you on to a new passion.It is my opinion that many successful people did not achieve success due to desire. They achieved it due to the `right place, right time` factor. We are all very smart. Yet we all make poor decisions from time to time. Thus, people like Bill Gates could have easily fell to second place by a girl named Jane Doe... if he weren`t in the right place at the right time... in order to accomplish, or recognize a unique opportunity. Then take the effort to grab it.Sure some of us are smarter than others, but physical environment, available opportunities and social environment play just a great a role as does passion, financial backing, and education (just to name a few).The objective is to work towards something. Anything. And while doing so, do it to your fullest capacity. If I become a server at a restaurant I should strive to do my best. Not because I want to be the head server, but because I may be shown or learn for myself a new passion. Then I will do that to my fullest abilities. Even though the new passion may have nothing to do with the service industry.Try this... If you want to find wealth. If you want to find success. Solve one of these elements to life.All wealthy and/or successful people in life do something involving these categories.1. Increase the Territory of people (land, water, space, etc.)2. Increase the Communication of people (phones, computers, language, autos etc.)3. Increase the Health or Longevity of the people (foods, doctors, art, music, etc.)4. Defend the people (military, humanity, freedom)Maybe I have missed something, but really... I think you just need to do something... And do it to your best ability. As to sunrisemgmt... I started filling out your online form to see what you have going on... then, it asks me questions about my income, how much I am willing to invest, and if I have ever been involved with MLM. To be honest... that`s a turn off to me. I don`t feel I should be handing out information about my income and what I am willing to spend. As to the MLM question... it almost sounded like I was being polled to determine my experience(s) with those systems.So then I went to your profile here at SuN. You don`t even mention the Lifestyle Trainer situation... hmmm. I don`t know why you wouldn`t if it`s doing so good for you. Are you new to the Lifestyle Trainer opportunity also? I don`t mean to derail UnwantedNews` topic, but your comments lack so much motivating information I am afraid I will waste your time... because I realize Lifestyle Trainer is likely a new catch phrase instead of saying Multi-Level Marketing. I hope you can be more specific. If your `product` really is life changing and a wonderful opportunity... think of all the people you could educate here at SuN... and all at the same time! That sounds like a perfect opportunity for you. Those that are not interested will fall to the side. Those that are will join in and become your followers, apprentices... or what ever the route to success would be called.I guess what I am saying is, if I had a product or service I really believe in, if I really thought it was going to help people achieve their goals, I would shout to all and find my success through them. I wouldn`t make it a tooth pulling session unless there`s something to hide. Still just a bit confused about what a lifestyle trainer does or sells. You did say you have a "product," right? I have a product too. Several of them. It`s artisan crafted, quality wood flowers. Check them out. What`s your product?
  • SunrisemgmtSunrisemgmt subscriber Posts: 1
    Vincent: The questionnaire doesn`t ask you how much you`re making.  It asks how much you want to make (so we can determine if your expectation is even realistic within the given timeframe). And you`re right, not everyone has to fill out the questionnaire.  Everyone has a choice.  If they decide to fill it out, then I know they`ve taken the first step and want to start owning their life.  By the way, thanks for reminding me about my profile.  I forgot to update it.  If you had checked my profile earlier today, then you would have already seen the answer to your question about the product.I enjoy these conversations because this is really about the law of attraction in action.  If something is meant to be, it will happen.  Have a great day!  BrionP.S. I quickly scanned your website and products.  You have amazing talent!
    Sunrisemgmt2007-4-5 13:57:35
  • sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
    I always thought I was destined to be an employee, though the business owner was somewhere inside me.  I didn`t find what I am so passionate about until I lost my job and started getting out to meet people while building a completely seperate company.  One of the people I met said, hey what about this, does it sound interesting, would you want to check it out further.  I found out not only was I interested in that idea, but I am so excited to be a part of the green revolution.Why not focus on something you are good at (your work), and see if there is another industry to apply it to, in a new way.  Try to meet some people who use the types of services/work you do, and ask them what are their biggest problems.  There`s usually an idea in there somewhere.  If you think it`s doable, go for it.Hope that helps! 
  • UnwantedNewsUnwantedNews subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you CraigL. That`s a great perspective. I actually was raised in a situation where new ideas or ways of doing things were frowned upon. Maybe that`s the mentality I need to change in order to move past the employee stage to an entrepreneur or partnership stage.You have all been so helpful. The SuN community is so giving and caring about those around them. Today I am going to start looking for volunteer opportunities or some other activity that will actively take me from my current, same thing everyday, lifestyle. It`s time to break out and create change. I am going to become a hunter. I will be hunting my future. I am going to take control of my life (without quiting the day job) and really start hunting a new path. [a little nervous though].
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    That is fantastic UnwantedNews!  I`m so glad to hear you are taking the bull by the horns.  Please keep us posted and enlighten us on what you find on your quest!
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    I don`t know what I can say that has not been said already. I would agree that you should find your passion first. You don`t have to jump out of bed and be totally excited EVERY morning, but loving your business will see you through those tough times.
    That said I think you`re already starting to pinpoint what you like doing by finding volunteer stuff. Not for Profits are just as viable an options for an Entreprenuer as anything else.  So I would say keep working as a volunteer, but if you find a group that has needs that aren`t being met, that may be your perfect opportunity
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