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gina511gina511 subscriber Posts: 2
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I am starting an event planning business and i would like to put together a sales package to send out. Im not sure what i should put in this package.  Or  let me know if a sales package is the right way to go .So could someone give me any ideas.


  • jarmainejarmaine subscriber Posts: 0
    A sales package is a nice idea. It should include a background of your company. It should contain your company profile, history, list of clients, awards, and testimonials as well. This will add credibility to your company. Aside from this, you should include a presentation of the past events that you`ve planned and executed. Choose different types of events to showcase like corporate events, birthdays, weddings, etc. This will show that your services are not limited to a specific event. You should also include the different packages that you are offering, make sure that the prices are accurate and updated. Of course, include your business card in the package.
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