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How can I make sure that I continue owning the domain name?

seafolksseafolks subscriber Posts: 1
Hi all. This is my first post on the sun forum. I am not from computer or IT background so please excuse me if I say anything incorrect.
    I have some domain names registered with me, but I am little concerned about the future. Is there any way to make sure that only I continue owning those domain names & no body can even bid for them? Thanks
Umeshseafolks3/2/2008 2:44 PM


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    CyberTiger67CyberTiger67 subscriber Posts: 1
    You can do this thru several avenues...first did you register the domain name? I have seen often when you have a third party register the name they do not list the business owner/administrative contact as the client.
    You can check you domain information thru most domain registrars such as Network Solutions (www.netsol.com) or GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com) type in your domain name and then follow the links to review the domain owner information. This should display the company that owns the domain name the three primary contacts (Administrative, Technical and Billing). As well it will display the expiration date.
    You can renew or extend your domain ownership thru any of the online registrars. I have used both NetSol and GoDaddy and both are excellent organizations to work with.
    If your not sure or need any help feel free to contact me I can research and give you directions on what you need to do. I will simply need to know your domain name.
    Todd Jennings
    Panthera Technologieswww.pantheratech.com
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    seafolksseafolks subscriber Posts: 1

    Todd.  Thanks for the reply. I have the domain name registered in my
    name only. My domain name is seafolks.com. Thats not my worry is. What
    I am trying to find out is exactly what Craig pointed out. I think
    there is something know as locking the domain. Do you have any idea
    about that?

    CEO SeaFolks.com
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    The answer to your question is as follows:
    As long as you pay your domain name and do not let them expire you will always be the registered owner. The minute you decide to let them go, you will no longer own the domain names and will be bid to the highest bidder.
    This is called Domain Names Club Drop, this is a database of all the domain names that expired and are in redemption period... Redemption period is the 60 day period that a domain name is help after you let it expire (very pricey to get it out of there too, but it can be done just alot of paperwork)
    Once it`s released people with access to the database can purchase the domain names and sell them back to you at a very expensive price.
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    seafolksseafolks subscriber Posts: 1
    @ Edgar. Thank you for the information. Thats exactly what I was concerned about.
    @Kathy. Thank you for your concern mam.
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