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bilstonbilston subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2007 in Website Critique
we are a new company with a good idea and any Criique any one has could hlp us improve what we have allready started This is a home grown sie that was not built by a web designer


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Several things you could do.The animated vehicles don`t really give a professional look. Also, I`m guessing this was created using Internet Explorer; they don`t display correctly in Firefox."

    Every month we pay our bills. Why? For two reasons:
    (1) because we have to, and (2) because we are billed."Yeah .... and so do the rest of us .... I`m not sure why this is really relevant."
    we will give you 4 choices of how you could be contacted."I only see you actually listing 3 methods.The pink table doesn`t blend in with the other colors.I would offer Paypal or something like it as a payment option; some people may not take the time to get a money order for a small amount, or send a check to a self proclaimed new company.Some links go to pop up windows, and one goes to a new page; make it consistent, preferable all a new page with the same layout.For SEO, absolutely get rid of the IFrame; it will kill your your search engine spidering. You need to add a lot of basic SEO items.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Yes, definitely lose the iframes. Aside from them hindering search bots, they make the site less user friendly because of the scroll bars.
    Having each page open in another window is also not user friendly.
    The animations are more distracting than "helpful".
    You say you notify the subscriber 30 days before the inspection is due. You might think about adding 15, 7, and even 3 or 1 day??? If someone really needs a reminder...they may also need more than one reminder.
    vwebworld12/24/2007 4:03 PM
  • bilstonbilston subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for the input we are going to make some changes Hey rome wasan,t built in a day .Thanks anyway
  • bilstonbilston subscriber Posts: 1
    It,s all a matter of taste but as a pro I am willing to take all the advice that comes to me. As time goes by maybe I.ll do better Thanks for the input
  • bilstonbilston subscriber Posts: 1
    I forgot to mention as far as the 4 cotact methods Phone would either be cell or home so we did,nt put another drop box on the page
  • bilstonbilston subscriber Posts: 1
    I also forgot to mention that we do notify you more than once but it,s usually to make sure you no it,s time to pay But hopefully credit cards will be on our site before next week that should solve that problem.
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