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Yeay or nay on the vanity toll free number?

337design337design subscriber Posts: 3
This is sort of a marketing/customer service combo question.  I`m debating on buying a vanity number for my web design business for a variety of reason.  I want potential clients to pick up the phone and call obviously, and also I think it looks good from a customer service standpoint because it makes it look like my business is easy to get a hold of if something happens down the road.What do you guys think?  Yeay or nay on the vanity 800 number?
337design2007-2-6 17:30:30


  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    I always wonder about those radio adds that constantly repeat their phone number.  Has anyone in the histroy of history ever called a phone number from an add heard on the radio??  I bet not.  I have gone to websites mentioned however.  Much easier to remember.
  • Fiberartist219Fiberartist219 subscriber Posts: 5
    Well, I have appreciated the fact that my insurance company has an easy to remember phone number... although I could just as easily look it up off my insurance card, which I keep in my purse.
    It is nice when I go out to my car, and find some mystery damage, or if I get into an accident on the road, I can pull out my phone and dial 1-800-PROGRESSIVE without thinking too much or having to go look it up.
    That`s really the only vanity phone number I use though. Most phone numbers that I need freqently are already programmed into my cell phone. There are only a few numbers that I actually need to memorize.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I think nhgnikole and surfdodger have stated my perspective pretty well. I can remember them with a word... but I also remember them by the "jingle" on the radio ad.Here in my area there is a roofing company that produces a stupid ending to their commercials. But... I still remember it, so it`s effective... if I am his target audience. This commercial doesn`t use a words to describe the phone number. It`s an inflection or a vocal style...For your roofing needs call Armstrong. It`s three sevens aaaannnnndddd a one two three four.So... it worked on me, but it wasn`t even the usage of words (vanity numbers) that did the trick.
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    well we got this number for our salon and only cost us 20$ 282-HAIR, everyone seems to like it so far and it is easy to remember.
  • mattbizmattbiz subscriber Posts: 0
    If the vanity number you want is available get it right away! When I signed up with 101voicemail all the vanity numbers I was looking for were taken. They gave me a free tollfree number but it`s not vanity. It`s a one time only cost which improves your image so much. I say YES to vanity number.mattbiz2008-6-18 23:19:13
  • chrismartin4uchrismartin4u subscriber Posts: 0
    I think this is an excellent decision you made. A vanity number is a perfect business number for any business not just because these are free to call but also because these are easy to remember for anyone. This helps you in improving your customer service.
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