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I`m not a web designer, but I have FP, and have been working on making the best site I can that people would enjoy visiting and hopefully purchasing from! I would be interested in your thoughts!
My site is</A>
Thanks so much! I know I will enjoy learning everything I can from this site!


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    Good morning,
    Thank you to everyone for your input! It`s always good to know what others think. I did change my icon. I can see how the hobo bag might be confusing to someone who does not know handbags. Also, I`m aware that the pics need to be better, and I`m actually in the process of setting up a special "photobox" to photograph my bags. To Steve....thank you for the "pretty cool" on my bags! Twixi was a nickname from my husband...and it stuck! To the others, I appreciate your suggestions, and I will post when changes get made.
    Y`all have a great day!
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    Are you looking to be a web designer or sell handbags or both? There are plenty of free systems that allow you to setup stores in minutes. I would recommend using one of those instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. There are only a few instances where I recommend someone code there own site from scratch that will be used in a production environment. I will be glad to assist in any way that I can. The name Twixi is a cool site name.
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    Thank you for liking Twixi! I only said that the way I did to show that I`m not a web don`t be too hard on me! Making handbags is my passion. As I have the time, I will put more efforts into the site from various suggestions that have been given to me.
    Thanks again for your input! 
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    I like your color scheme but I do not like a landing page. To have to go through a commercial prior to seeing what you offer is a bit of a turn off. I agree with the other user that said the site looks dated. Also I clicked on your products and I was sent to a page that looks like it is another website. The background was black and there is no brand consistency. I do not know if these are your designs or you are selling someone else`s product. I would rethink your strategy for product display. Good luck,John
    onlineeater2007-2-17 10:47:4
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    Those are sample pages created in "jalbum" to show handbags and other samples of work I`ve done and sold. I have no idea if there`s even a way to change the jalbums to go with the color scheme. The reason I chose the black is because I didn`t photograph my work very well(I`m in the process of changing that), and the black makes the colors the handbags look better.
    Thanks for your input!
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