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Hello everyone

I have a question about trademarks and I hope someone here has an answer for it.  We have a dotcom startup we are about to launch and we believe it has potential to turn into a official business that makes its revenues by selling ads or other products in the future. So as you can understand at this moment we do not have an official company for this startup yet.

So my question is do I need to protect my domain name by trademarking ? If I do not trademark it now and someone else trademarks it will I have problems when I want to start a official company with my domain name ? What do dotcom entrepreneurs usually do about this ?

Thank you


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    Nowadays, domain names is so much more than just a name representing a website of companies, it has become the identifier and the promoters of business. The functions of domain names can be similarly compared to trademarks. The only difference is that trademarks are used offline while domain names are the major navigator of your business online.

    It is better to register your domain name to avoid cybersquatting. The registration generally operates on a first-come first-serve basis and anybody is entitled to register any domain. The simple procedure of domain registration is called the WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service, on which addresses to the Internet Web Servers are assigned and managed through the Domain Name System (DNS) which is the globally distributed internet database administered by ICANN.

    According to this blog, it is quite difficult to register a [dot]com domain. But ICANN released a potential alternative to [dot]com. ICANN has a domain name space to address applications from companies is different countries.
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