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Free Website Planner for Beginners

337design337design subscriber Posts: 3
Hey SUN friends, I just put together a quick and easy website planner kit and wanted to let you guys check it out first.  It`s basically a questionnaire for people just starting out with a new website.  Hopefully it can help some of you develop you`re site, just download the PDF and print it out!  Download the Free Website Planner Kit HereIt`s the first version, so if you have feedback or suggestions, bring it on!  Thanks everyone, and enjoy.  All the best, Ben at 337 Design.


  • PanthiusPanthius subscriber Posts: 0
    A website is only as good as the systems that sit behind it to support it. We are offering a new approach to building & launching a website, as well as a cost-effective eCommerce, CRM and ERP solution that sits behind it. If its just a website you want - then keep your website up-to-date with clever content managment not code.  
    "Put all the applications required to start-up a business in one product and rent it on a monthly basis" our customers requested......hmmm sounds like a novel idea. We are providing this to entrepreneurs in Ireland and Italy, and we would like to do the same in the States shortly..... so checkout Panthius.com and tell us what you think.....
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    You`re an aggressive marketer, that`s for sure. I`m can`t quite make up my mind whether or not be impressed or if I find the constant stream of advertising/self promotion irritating. [ I have to agree with Nikole. The form reads like an expert-oriented document. ]
    Also, it`s really not much of a planner kit. It`s more of a "drum up business kit for 337". Just my opinion. How about if you actually included a bit more of a real primer or a short treatise? There`s something a bit off-putting about your constant attempts to drum up business here. [My opinion, not a fact.] Remember, most people aren`t here to endure a constant onslaught of in-forum advertising messages; and people is the operative word here. Not all the people who visit this site want to be fed to your human-to-customer conversion machine. They`re here for practical help. Please offer something of real use while you fish for prospects and don`t use what amounts to little more than a blatant customer induction form. Provide something useful, like "10 Things to Consider Before Building a Web Site".
    Otherwise, it`s really a bit like telemarketing.
    P.S. You could produce an online version and have all your questions on ten pages and mix the questions in with useful information. That would be nice.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Roland, when you hand off your questionnaire, isn`t it true that you`re assuming the prospective client can answer the questions, or has the basics in place? What if they don`t? How would they go about having those basics?
    Yes and no. I use those question to stimulate the client`s thoughts about his or her qoals and expectations for the web pesence. If they have answers, great. If they do not, it is a topic we discuss.  They probably do have answers, just not commited into writing, so I use the questions to stimulate a discussion about their goals.
  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    I`m in agreement with CookieMonster.... I wasn`t impressed at all by the "Website Planner Kit".... and why isn`t it on a website instead of a pdf file.
  • patioideaspatioideas subscriber Posts: 0
    I guess you should ask yourself what is the purpose of it. If it is to help your clients, it doesn`t seem the right approach.
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