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Happy Hour eNewsletter

WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
edited July 2008 in Marketing
   I recently made a post and would like to expand on it some with details so that I can hopefully get some more feedback.  Also hoping CampSteve will weigh in!
 "I am planning to start sending out an e-newsletter targeted at local young professionals (about ages 22-35) that highlights popular networking spots and business events among other things.  I hope to grow the mailing list by word of mouth and eventually sell adds on it to local businesses.  Is something like this already being done? What sort of problems can I expect to run into with this type of email marketing venture?"  The content of my e-newsletter is going to be happy hour specials at local restaurants and bars sent out to young professionals at work.  I would plan to send them out about twice a week on the days that people are most likely to go out drinking after work.  If it works, I would let bars and restaurants list their specials/events in my newsletter for an advertising fee.  Content could also include trivia nights, pool tournaments, Pay Per View fights,etc.  I live in a college town so I am hoping the local college crowd might subscibe as well down the road.  I have a few more details worked out in my head, but trying to keep the post a decent length.  Please respond with ANY info, objections, ideas, etc.  Thanks! 


  • WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
    You the man!  That is exactly the kind of info I was hoping to get simply b/c I knew there was a bigger picture I just wasn`t seeing.  My core audience would be people looking for good places to go after work (or after class for the students).  I think the networking would be a byproduct of people going out after work more.  The content I would focus on would be drink specials, food specials, and popular events like trivia.  Plus, I think that would attract a broader base of subscribers and potential clients.
  • WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
    This idea evolved after one of my friends had the idea of a 1-800 number that would have pre-recorded messages of each day`s drink specials. He went marketing to different bars and they were willing to pay to advertise on the hotline, but he never followed through with it. Mostly because you had to wait through all the other messages like you were calling the movie theatre. 
     I do not think this is my passion, I am just trying to figure out something that would be a legitimate income builder that I could 1) afford to start up and 2) had the skill set to run (i.e. sales experience, knowledge of local social scene).  I am so eager to get into the entrepreneurial scene I think I would take just about any idea and run with it if I knew it to be potentially profitable.  I am also looking into import/export ideas heavily, too. I know I have the brains and perseverance to make it, I just need the direction.  CampSteve is the man!
  • lucky1lucky1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Check out the site www.metromix.com . It is popular with that age group and has expanded to 8 cities. It might help you define some of the opportunities for how to generate revenue from the site.
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