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Tape-Seal Press Release & Press Kit Questions - - PLEASE Help

TapeSealTapeSeal subscriber Posts: 5
edited April 2008 in Public Relations
So, my husband and I just launched our product 3/26/08, I found a small local publication and emailed one of the writers asking him if it would be a news story he would like to run.  He said not only would he run it but he would also use it - - which was awesome!  So, the article will run in at least one publication tomorrow but here is what I don`t understand.  The photographer who came out for the photo shoot explained that their publication is a part of a larger network of 300+ publications and could run in more than just the one small local publication if it goes out on the wires.    
Obviously we are VERY pleased but I guess I don`t know exactly how the wires work.  So, would other publications run it under his name or would we get calls from other writers so it would be under their own name?  **I think it would be important to know who all is running it in case there are typos, wrong contact information, etc. to make sure of sending in correction notices.
I am working on a press release right now.  I think I have the basics and have some friends taking a look at it who have experience and can fine tune it for me.  I see that there are others who have asked for a critique so once it is as fine tuned as I can get it I will do the same.
Once it is ready to go, is it pretty easy to submit using PRNewswire?  I just don`t want to screw it up.  What should I expect once it has been submitted?   If it is newsworthy do most publications run it in its current form or does the writer call/email so they can run it under their own name?
This press release is basically an introduction of a new product to the market.  Do you recommend running another one just prior to the National Hardware Show, which is in only 4 weeks or waiting until just following the tradeshow to talk about whatever successes were accomplished at the show?
I should be receiving a copy of the media that will be attending the show, should I send this specific press release to them even though they may have already picked it up on the `wire` or is that considered `obnoxious`?
Finally, what makes for a GREAT press kit at a tradeshow?   I`ve read that it should consist of a cover page, pictures, and description.  Should it also include this press release that I am working on?  If there are going to be approx 350 media there what do you think is a safe number of copies to provide?
Well....now finally....I have the opportunity to set up a `news conference` by inviting press to the event.  It is something that scares me to death.  With our company being brand new with only one product would it be more or less likely that press would show up?  I suppose even if I stumble and don`t do a fabulous job it is still worth it because we are all human, RIGHT? 
Oh my goodness, that was a lot of questions.  Thanks in advance for all of the input, info, and advice! 


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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Tammy,
    Congratulations on your upcoming story! (But please don`t get your hopes up until you see the article in print. Many times, pending articles are not published due to last-minute news.)
    Since the reporter said the article will appear in several publications, they will probably take the same article and reprint it. If that`s the case, you will not be contacted by other reporters about this specific article.
    Also, try to emphasize all of the correct contact information for your business with the original writer you spoke to. After the article runs, it can be very difficult to have this data corrected.
    For your press release, it is very easy to submit it to PR Web or PR Newswire. They will take care of everything for you, but don`t expect your phone to ring just because you sent out a press release.
    You will need to contact your targeted list of media members and give your pitch. You will probably get more media attention by sharing your newsworthy story and passion directly with the reporters. And I would suggest starting as soon as possible with your most important media venue first.
    For your media kit, look at those of your competitors and companies that you admire. It can be easy to be overwhelmed, but you can keep it simple.
    You basically want to include a quick "snapshot" of what benefits you have to offer and why you are unique. Include company background information, photos and your latest press release. Also be sure your contact information is easy to find. If you were the reporter, want would you want to see in the media kit?
    And for the news conference, do not hold it until you can provide newsworthy information. The last thing you want to do is make a "bad" first impression.
    I would suggest that you personally contact all of the key media on your list, introduce yourself and provide a good story-pitch. Many times, reporters like to hear from new entrepreneurs directly. And this way you will "score more ink," and you`ll also start to make valuable media relationships for the future.
    Obviously, these are just a few brief suggestions, but they may help start you off on the right path.
    Congrats again, and I wish you all the best!
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    TapeSealTapeSeal subscriber Posts: 5
    Thank you Melanie for all of the great advice.  I will follow up on this thread to let people know if the story did run. 
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Sounds good, and I`m sure others on this forum will have some good advice for you too!
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    TapeSealTapeSeal subscriber Posts: 5
    Oh Yes...I see the brillance in that!  We are actually going out today to see what the ACE hardware that stocks it used for their own sample that they did up.  I was told it was a pretty thin but sturdy material. 
    Thank you!
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