When do I need a PR firm?

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Hello Everyone,
I have two web businesses, which are very different, that I am trying to run by myself.  I know that I need to go after PR but I`m unsure how, what type, etc.  How do I know when I need to try on my own and when I need to hire a firm.  Also, how much should I budget for PR per month?


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    Hi Tracy,
    That`s a great question! If you have the time and want to save money, try to pursue PR efforts on your own. You have the most passion for your business and will probably have good luck telling your story directly to the media.
    However, if you need to concentrate on core business activites, look for a publicist that fits well with your overall goals and budget. This person should act as an extension of your team.
    For more information on this, see the information on this site at http://www.startupnation.com/steps/77/s ... ations.htm and at http://www.shopfloorblog.com/2008/02/re ... -pr-7.html.
    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me at www.rembrandtwrites.com if you`d like more information.
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    I think for the beginning handling the PR on your own is possible and necessary since budgets are tight. But if you plan to expand then out sourcing is a good option so that you can focus on the other important aspects of the business.
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    I think you need to be getting pretty big to want to hire an outside PR firm, they're pretty expensive if they're any good, if they're cheap you could do it yourself or just hire a part timer or freelance to work a couple days a week. You'll know when you really need professional PR and marketing, like a product goes stratospheric and you get a load of media focus, or you come up with a product that you think can go BIG, and you have the resources to roll it out BIG, you just need the public awareness on a BIG scale, these are the kind of times you start looking at pro PR.
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    PR firms help in building better corporate relationships and hence in growth of your business as a whole. Thus they do play a crucial role in getting the flow of your customers and building an ethical base for your business to grow.
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    If you're thinking of taking on all or some of the PR yourself, check out Joan Stewart at publicityhound.com. She's got amazing tips & tricks for small business owners, nonprofit executives, authors, speakers, experts, corporate PR pros, publicists and marketers who need online visibility as well as print and broadcast publicity.
    Do you have $5K-$10K/month to invest in your PR. That's where you'd start with an agency so if you want to outsource go with a freelancer/solo publicist.
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    Well, If it's just a start up and you have enough funds and time on your hands, then you could manage on your own. However if you're looking to grow and cant exactly concentrate on the PR then you could handover to an agency.
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    PR firm take on clients and plan programs that help maintain the client's image with the public. They provide integrated PR marketing services and creative solutions that build brands.
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    Google 'Should my startup hire a PR agency' and you get a mixed bag of responses. ... But hiring an agency is a smart move only if you have clear objectives 
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    My opinion is that if your sales do not go then the buyer does not find your resource. Exit one to engage in the promotion of the site.
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