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I`m just starting up a new website for a (tiny) business I`ve been running for a few years, and I`d love critiques. I`m trying to strike a balance between a gallery style page and sales, knowing that I get most of my sales from shows. I designed it myself on dreamweaver and did all the graphics myself, so if you have any suggestions for how to improve those, its easy to change. I`d love any feedback, the good, the bad, the ugly. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the feedback. I`ve tweaked the copy on the front page based on that site, I hadn`t considered that before. I`ve also renamed the page "Home." The product images are definitely an issue, but not one I can address all that quickly - that`s going to take money I don`t currently have, but it`s absolutely a future priority. Thanks so much for taking your time out, and if you could quickly look back and see if the changes help, that would be great.   
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    Thanks Craig! I`ve spent the last six hours fixing everything you talked about, good advice. If I were better with templates this wouldn`t be so darn difficult, but that`s how you learn, right? At this point it`s not worth it to me to invest in an automated cart ordering system, so I`ve combined ordering information with a new contact page. If you wouldn`t mind taking a quick second look to see if things look better to you, I`d really appreciate it. Either way, thanks so much for taking the time.
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    At this point it`s not worth it to me to invest in an automated cart ordering system, ...

    If your sales volume is low, the monthly fees for 3rd party carts and a merchant account can exceed your profit.  I have been using PayPal for the past few years because there is no monthly fee, and I my product sales (DVD`s of performances) are not regular.  Some month I don`t sell any, and others I sell a few hundred.
    Yes, the PayPal fees are slightly higher than a Merchant Account, but I only pay when PayPal processes a sale.
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    I think you have a great start!! Great JOB!
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