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Starting a Miniature Desserts Shop. Thoughts?

NibblesNibbles subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2012 in Selecting a Business
I am new to this forum and I would love to hear your ideas on my idea for a business. I got into decorating cakes after watching the cake shows (lol, yeah I know!). Although I like doing it, there is no real need for it in my area (No one wants to pay the price for a custom cake). So, my other thought was, how about a "one bite fits all" approach to a dessert shop.
My intent is to offer bite sized or miniature desserts allowing people to choose more than one thing and not feel guilty or deprived.
I also wanted to add to this - Candy & dessert Buffets for weddings & events (kind of as a side thing along with the mini desserts).
I am open to suggestions, criticism, etc.
Thank you so much!


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