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Help! I need advice on starting up a website!

tcfr86tcfr86 subscriber Posts: 1
Hi guys, i was wondering if anybody could help. I have no experience of web design whatsoever. but i would like to start up a website that allows members to join by paying a small subscription fee. Also features that allow them to upload media files. And a live stream on the homepage. Could anybody give me any advice on where to begin!?


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    No experience with web design and want to start up a website. Do you want to do this yourself or are you going to hire a web designer?
    What you describe sounds like, sort of, maybe a myspace type of site???
    There are some premade PHP script/code available that will provide the functionality you want.  The design or making the script/website yourown requires some knowledge of CSS, using graphic program, and possibly PHP and HTML.
  • DrDIYDrDIY subscriber Posts: 0
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