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Health Insurance Questions....

toycardirecttoycardirect subscriber Posts: 4
edited August 2012 in Business Planning
I have several questions and the reason I cant get past my initial goal of starting up right is simple Health Insurance. This is a must for me.
I am currently 18 and have disabilities which are ADHD, OCD and some others. I can NOT go without being unmedicated so I have pre existing conditions on new health insurance plans. At the moment I am only able to work part time. I am trying to start a business however need to pay taxes if I dont want to get in deep trouble with the IRS. I am currently a dependent on my mothers insuance so I have medications. So if I pay taxes I am no longer a dependent on her health insurance. This means I wont have health insurance. I am not a student either. I want to start my business while I am at home so I have a ledge to fall onto if needed.
Sum it up....
I have to have health insurance
I want to set up a legal business and follow IRS regulations
I can only work part time.
I am not a student
The only way I know how to do this is to pay for Health Insurance. Ok, I have no problem with this, I could pay for it from my part time job. Now when I look at Good Health insurance plans that pre existing conditions are covered on the first day it is like $2k a month. I wont even make $1k a month from my part time job.
I hope I explained this right as I am new to this and dont understand it 100%.
Please help if you can! Thank You


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