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Forwarding my phone calls to my cell

bejamshibejamshi subscriber Posts: 4
Hello, I was wondering if I could forward my calls when I am out of
office to my cell phone, or just let the messages go to my answering

I am debating the professionalism of talking on the cell phone while on
the go. I have spoken to a number of my friends that are in business
and they have said it is done more these days and considered normal.


  • MerchantServicesMerchantServices subscriber Posts: 4
    Forwarding to your cell phone is fine. Most small businesses do this.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    From a customer stand point, I would rather reach you in the car with the top down and the sound of wind in your hair then get some "professional" sounding answering service, leave a message, wait for you to call me back and when you do, chances are I`ll be on my cell, in the car, with the top down and you`ll hear the wind in MY hair.  I don`t care how I reach you, just as long as I can reach you. I`m no expert, I`m just your average consumer, but personally...don`t make me talk to an answering service if there is another option!
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