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Please critique our website again

toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
We have made changes in our website based on suggestions of many of you (thank you!).
In terms of contents, our unique selling points are that the product is solid science-based (as opposed to vanity).  Based on that promise, do you think that the contents accurately reflect that?  What about the flow of contents on different pages?
Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!




  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    For something with medical claims, the most important thing is the credibility.
    First thing I look at is the contact page - does it have an address? You have city and state but not street address.
    Second, all those medical claims you have...and abbreviations... how would I know if they are true or you just made up things? You`d better put a lot of links from your pages to scientific articles/sites. Otherwise, I don`t believe you.
    Third, who are the founders? What are their credentials? Put their info on, and put links to whatever research papers they have.
    Fourth, that label on the little bottle screams "cheap" - inkjet printing? and that`s not an impression you should give for medical products.
    And....is it FDA approved?
  • toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
    Thank you, johnqh and imortal, for the feedbacks and suggestions.  We`ll be working on it.
  • WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    I did not see the other thread about suggestions for your website so this is my first impression on it.I see a cross between a Business2Business presentation and a retail site. I can`t tell if your site is there to entice businesses to use your researchers and developing process or to sell me on distributing/selling your unique products.The `We Research, You Benefit` slogan came to me first thing which is what led me to this opinion. As I read your homepage text I am even more convinced you are only there to deal with joint ventures.I guess my question is, what is your objective of the website? Are you there to make vital business connections, or there to promote your products like dove.com`s website purpose.I like your site colors but I see some discontinuity with the Article headings using gray text for one word and purple for another.Why not follow the Blue-to-purple flow as in your logo? The orange highlighting is fine, but on the product page you use so many different colors it begins to look unprofessional. I would just use orange for highlighting, and the same color blue for a different emphasis.Despite your site goal, you need some supportive documents and references (credibility) as the others recommended. When you make a statement, back it up with links. Otherwise, that sentence added zero value to your image until you have the Name go with it.`Order` Menu Link - Don`t just say `your shopping cart is empty`. If they click the button without buying something, its obvious they want to either look at products, or buy some products. You should have a listing of all your products on the Order page if they haven`t already added one to their cart. If you don`t want to do this then, change the menu link name to `Shopping Cart` or `View Cart`.The bottom two images on the homepage look great, but I have a minor suggestion of making the entire graphic the link rather than the small `click here` button. You don`t necessarily need to get right of the click here box, just move it into the graphic. The fact is that, if I tried, and I did, to click the larger image, I was left frustrated until my eye glimpsed the click here box. It`s all the small things that make the difference.Be aware of your LARGE header. It takes up about half the browser on 1024x768 res. Later, I would consider making it 25-35% shorter, but you will need more content to compensate.I would put your official company name at the website footer with the copyright instead of the URL. The domain name doesn`t hold copyright, it is not an entity whereas your company is a entity that holds copyrights.
    Overall your website looks good, but I would work on your objectives for each page and the credibility through information and appearance.
  • toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
    Thanks a lot Colin.  Those are excellent feedbacks.  We`ll be working on it.
  • toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
    Hi, Craig,
    Thank you for the feedbacks.
    Well, the pharmaceutical development part of our company and the skin care part are inter-related.  We are developing prescription pharmaceutical products in the field of dermatology.  We come up a platform of technologies that can apply to skin care area, which we believe we can make a difference.  And we plan to introduce more products, but only when we can demonstrate that they are superior products.  This is because we believe that in the long run, product performance is only thing that really counts.
    We will put some thoughts into how to best present the two parts of our company.
    Thank you again for your value suggestions.
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