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is it really that easy?

i was just reading about the guy that was one of startup nations most successful new businesses and how he invested a few thousand dollars and used google adwords to make a site selling replica swords-and he`s making $30,000 a month!!
now what i dont get is,there are 270,000 sites that are selling the exact same products as him, and they were doing it years before him, so how does he do it???
so all you have to do is get a website to sell, lets say toasters, if you are the #1 site that comes up on google,like he is, does that guarantee success???


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    The web site process has to be user friendly and price competitive as well. Nothing is easy, my friend...except for sneezing.
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    AdamArnoldAdamArnold subscriber Posts: 0
    Getting your site to #1 on Google isn`t easy, but it is possible to do it for free. Pay per click advertising is a quick and easy way to get noticed (choose your keyword, set a high price per click and you WILL appear in the Google Ads on the results pages for the relevant search) but it is very expensive and I have known companies to go bankrupt through poor execution of PPC campaigns.
    Search Engine Optimisation is the way forwards: it is a huge topic and there are umpteen companies promiting this as their main business lines, however to get you started here are 2 points to consider:1. Content is KING
    Your website should have concise content, relevant to the subject
    matter. Writing in good, clear english, is a good way to achieve this
    naturally. For example, on Smarter Housing, our property pages each
    have a template with paragraphs referring to the property specification
    / alternative properties / links to accommodation in other areas and so
    on. This regimented structure means each property page has a good
    weighting of keywords without keyword spamming, which is frowned upon
    by Google and other search engines. By using concise English you
    naturally avoid keyword spamming as overloading of the word property,
    for instance, would give a poor sentence structure.2. You need a large number of incoming links
    Ideally, you want links coming in from reputable websites. Link
    farming, which involves setting up pages plastered in links to your
    main site, is of no benefit in terms of <a rel="nofollow"cronym title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO.
    A good link, as an example, would be one on the front page of Young
    Entrepreneur if you are running a similar Entrepreneurship forum or
    social networking website.
    Outgoing links aren`t all bad, but you do want to keep them to a
    minimum. On my sites I keep link sharing to a minimum with websites
    that contain similar subject matter and are relatively established.
    There are many other elements to consider, such as the coding of your
    website. If you have a database driven site, for instance, you need to
    make sure output is "natural" and not "dynamic". Slap <a rel="nofollow"cronym title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO in Google and you`ll be amazed how many guides there are....!
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    AdamArnoldAdamArnold subscriber Posts: 0
    ^^^^^^^^^ I have no idea why half of the post looks like a link: there is no formatting when editing the text!!
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