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Hello fellow SuN members!
I am about to go live with my new venture. My company provides technical support over the internet via remote control - Virus removal, computer tune-up, Carbonite setup, as well as other technical services.
I am using PrestaShop as a front-end, however instead of purchasing physical products, you purchase a service at a flat rate stated up front.
The website is still in beta stage. I am still working on product descriptions and details. It is fully operational with credit card processing, etc.
The URL for the site is http://www.healyourcomputer.com
I'm just wondering if I'm going along the correct path. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!
Also, I am in need of some testimonials. I am willing to offer free service to a limited number of SuN members in exchange for a testimonial I can publish (as well as tweaking the steps of the actual service) Just give me a call or email me and mention that you're a SuN member and we can go from there! Contact information is on the web site.



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    I would use a lighter background. For me, there is something about very dark websites that are offering serious services that does not equate. Meaning, I feel an immediate distruct of dark backgrounds, and even more if I am to let you into my beloved computer's hard drive...
    I would use a lighter background, not black
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