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Do You Earn Money Online?

Tony0930Tony0930 subscriber Posts: 5
edited November 2011 in Marketing

than advertising revenue you earn from your website, do you use other ways to
earn money online?

If yes, how long have you been doing so, through
what means and how much have you earned to date?

If not, why not?



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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    i agree with janie. pick any method but use a website, SEO and SEM and most importantly stick to it. success on the internet is a long term process. engines work slow, and as long as you feed them consistently with good content they will reward you.  i have made money buying and selling on ebay and craigslist. i also made money from an ecommerce site, which i sold and cashed out for a big profit (so you can start and sell businesses online as well).  currently i am focusing on info based niche websites and generating income from advertisement.
    "advertisement" in itself is quite broad. on my niche websites i make money from google adsense, vendor paid ads (banners and text links), affiliate programs, generating leads for brick and mortar businesses, and selling my own eproducts.
    i have a site that teaches others step by step how to make money in your spare time from paid surveys online. this is not just another survey site but rather a comprehensive tutorial with strategies that have worked for me.  the site has a free newsletter and does very well.
    i also have a couple ebook sites ( i wrote books based on my expertise and what researched showed me is much needed information out there) that do well. i market on the internet, through affiliates and adwords (PPC).
    choices are many. choose what you are interested in and stick to it. maintaining focus is key
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    thewealthgangthewealthgang subscriber Posts: 0
    Sure! No matter what type of website you have, you can always try to collect emails from your visitors. That way you can follow up with them and bring them back - or sell them an ebook of your own.
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    dbkooper1dbkooper1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Been internet marketing for some time now. I also have run a successful hosting business for the past 7 years. I really dont make any other money besides for my online income.
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    profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
    Hello Tony0930.
    Other than using the Internet as a vehicle to grow my consulting business here in the `real world` and generating income from advertising programs, over the years and into the future, I will continue to sell domain names for a nice return on investment (ROI).
    And even though the domain parking industry as dropped in revenue generation, I`ll continue to dabble in that also especially for domains I`ve yet to do something (if anything) with.  There are other avenues that I participate in but this at least gives you an idea.
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    goldome77goldome77 subscriber Posts: 0

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    sahayasahaya subscriber Posts: 0
    you can go for domain sales. you can also try another way to earn online. become a reseller. all you need to do is purchase a reseller hosting account from us on monthly or yearly basis. Now you can host multiple sub-accounts within your reseller account. Just sell the space and make the profit. I am Doing Online Domain Name reseller account ,now i am earning through it....I got the reseller account at here Goresellers.com and selling Hosting,domain name earning through it,you can also get that and earn through Online in Home.

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    JamesAJamesA subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes I also earn money online by content writing.
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    JamesAJamesA subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes I also earn money by content writing.
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    kaylaknightkaylaknight subscriber Posts: 0
    I'm a freelancer so I earn by doing work on a contract basis. I've also made a bit from affiliate sales through my clients and some from blogging. However, I've experimented with other income streams and I'd love to start earning passively from digital products -- anyone have any experience with that?
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    lockscharnclockscharnc subscriber Posts: 0
    Been internet marketing for some time now. I also have run a successful hosting business for the past 7 years. I really dont make any other money besides for my online income.
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