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My question is simple. I am starting a consulting firm with 2 associates. I have prepared the business plan but, I need to know. What is the minimum finanicials needed in the plan for a startup? Secondly, does anyone have a template for whats needed ?
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    I think that would depend on the investor/lender you deal with... Different investors look for different things (I`ve found out).  They all look at the potential return before anything else, then loss probability second.
    In my case, I don`t have any financials in a venture I`m trying to get funded, yet I state it in my request up front and I still get investors that contact me for more information.  One day when the right one comes along, I expect it will get funded.  So you never know...
    If your weak in the financials, try focusing on how to entice the investor anyway outside that fact.
    If you haven`t already, try posting on</A>.  Both are investor oriented and you`ll notice that each have their own preferences.  Good luck. 
    Hope it helps...
    PS  Just be wary of anyone wanting cash up front in case they are brokers.  I`ve noticed that there are many who take out their slice from the funding itself, and others who want money now.  You`ll have to decide which way you want to go with that.
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    Thanks Jerik, I will certainly be aware. Also I will try those sites.
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