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Business Plan for Non-Profit

GALSQUADGALSQUAD subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2007 in Business Planning
Hi All of you SUN`s,
 I need your help. I started an adoption agency in NJ. We are in the license approval phase. I am currently writing a business plan and was wondering, how you write one for a non-profit. If anyone has a sample to share or knows of one, please forward, I would be very interested. Since you really don`t show a profit at the end of any year, I am having a problem with the financials.
Thank You


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    GALSQUADGALSQUAD subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Kathleen, That does make sense. Another question. On the 12 month projection income stmt. if I show income of  $250,000, do I have to balance out the expenses and such on the same sheet to show a zero balance or can I show the balance at the end of year going to a profit sharing plan for employees ?
    I know a good accountant will explain...just trying to get an idea.
     What about the rest of the bus plan. Do you proceed in the same fashion as you would afor profit ?
    Again thanks,
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    GALSQUADGALSQUAD subscriber Posts: 1
     One more question...Do you have a BP template for a non-profit ? Yes we will be looking for contributers, both individual & corp. We will also generate revenues from fees.
    Thanks for your help,
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Here is some more info:
    Steps for Forming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
    1. Choose a name for your nonprofit. (While you`re at it, select and reserve a Web domain name.)
    2. Form your incorporating board of directors (often only three people are needed).
    3. Write Articles of Incorporation including a statement of your purpose and submit them to the appropriate office in your appropriate state government with the required fee.
    4. Wait for a response from your state. (In some states you can expedite the process by paying a surcharge.)
    5. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number, submitting IRS Form SS-4
    6. Develop organizational bylaws-the rules by which you will operate.
    7. Hold your first board meeting.
    8. Review IRS Publication 557, instructions for filing for tax exemption. call 
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Here is some more help:
    Outline of a Organizational Plan
    (Note: This is a detailed outline of how one might present an organizational plan. We`ve added every possible item that might be included. Feel free to omit sections that are not relevant to your organization.)
    I. Introduction/Overview of Plan
             Reason s and process for planning. Who was involved in planning activity? How was consensus reached? Key themes that emerged in          planni ng.
    II. Executive Summary
             Brief descriptions of all sections outlined below.
    III. Goals

    Program Goals
    Personnel Goals
    Public Relations and Marketing Goals
    Fund Raising and Earned Revenues Goals
    Facilities Goals
    Financial Management Goals
    Board Governance Goals
    IV. Brief Organization History
    V. Mission Statement
    VI. Values and Operating Principles

    Societal value of the organization`s work
    Values embedded in organization`s approach to providing services
    Inclusiveness values�such as diversity and accessibility
    Relationship of organizations to others in its field
    How the organization`s values are enacted through its policies
    VII. Vision of the Organization

    How the organization is distinct among others in its field of service
    How its field of endeavor is changing
    How it is responding to changing conditions
    VIII. Organization`s Programs

    Description of program one, outline of goals, and list of strategies for achieving goals may be achieved
    Description of program two, outline of goals, and list of strategies for achieving goals
    Description of program three, outline of goals, and list of strategies for achieving goals
    IX. Organization Administration

    Personnel      A. Description of work environment, distribution of tasks, workload, and compensation      B. Goals for personnel      C. Strategies for achieving goals
    Public relations and marketing      A. Goals for increasing public engagement in programs      B. Elements of message to be communicated      C. Target audiences      D. Strategies for reaching target audiences with message
    Resource development      A. Fundraising goals to support strategic plan and strategies for achieving those goals      B. Earned revenues needed to support strategic plan and strategies for achieving those goals
    Financial management      A. Current financial management staffing and systems      B. Current financial policies and procedures      C. Strategies for strengthening financial systems
    Facilities and other assets      A. Goals for facilities and major equipment      B. Policies for maintenance, upgrading, and renovation      C. Strategies for achieving goals
    X. Board of Directors and Advisory Boards

    Role of board of directors
    Current composition of board of directors
    Board policies and training
    Strategies for recruitment, training, and revising policies
    APPENDICESI.        Projected budgets over the coming three yearsII.       Organizational chartIII.      Detailed outline of programsIV.      Facilities development master plan
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    GALSQUADGALSQUAD subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks GwG that was a great help...
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    GALSQUADGALSQUAD subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Maria, I will look into that.
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    Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    This thread is great. There were some great links. Thanks for contributing everyone.
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    GarooGaroo subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree this was a great thread and now I am wondering about the benifits of going non-profit in my business planning. I never thought of the option until now looking from a customer point of view that sees benefit from my service and for future customers from their money. Hmm
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    rookierookie subscriber Posts: 3

    http://www.stoneoaksports.com, and I did the following:
    1.  Registered as non-profit;
    2.  Obtained EIN;
    3.  Reserved domain name.
    I am currently working on the constitution and by-laws, budget, and working on getting board of directors - 3 minimum.  Do I need to form an executive body (i.e., president, vice, scretary, treasurer) or can we have the board of directors wear multiple hats?
    Also, where can I purchase bond as it requires to have a bond on a treasurer?  What type of insurance should I purchase?  How can I obtain the 503 status for our non-profit?  Can I also get paid as the founder and director?
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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