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Hi All,
I`m looking to open a little dessert restaurant. I`ve ran my own business before for 3yrs but I want this one to have more success since its a longer term investment. 
Where can I look for business consultants that have expertise in the food industry?
Generally how much do they cost?
Thank for any help


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    One of my mentoring clients is a CPA and I think he has some level of expertise in this area, although I am not certain.
    He is in the forum here.
    I only have his personal email address not his work email address.
    I have just looked and his name in here is PeterCPA.
  • KevDevKevDev subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Always worth the call (free!) is SCORE and your local SBDC.
    Good luck!
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    I have a small consulting business and have opened some ten restaurants. I would be happy to help you all I could and there is no charge. Thanks for the plug KevDev, I am a councilor at SCORE also. I just helped a young lady open a Cupcake business and she is setting the town on fire. In fact I am just finishing up an outline on how to start a small business I would love to share it with you and see if it helps answer some of the questions you need answered. If you are interested at all contact me at [email protected].Good Luck

    hi martin
    i just emailed you.
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    I dont know where to put this so please bare with me.
    I started a small service business of booking a few student tours in which I would like to
    move forward with. I made up a company name for insurance purposes but dont know
    how to file it. I do have a business registration for the State of NJ.
    I live in Fla. but I do business in New Jersey and most of my tours take place in
    the Northeast. Can I file an LLC in florida and still be protected as a company and would I be recognized as a company even if i dont do business in Fla.? I read about filing as a foreign company but then I would have to pay taxes in two States.Is that right?
    How do I move forward and get this right.
    any ideas?
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    Some general information:
    Business entity`s are governed by the State. If you create an LLC in Florida no one else will be able to create a LLC in Florida with the same name.
    Registering as a foreign entity in New Jersey - allows you to do business there.
    If you want to "protect" your name and prevent others from using it - you will need to file a trademark with the US patent and trademark office.
    For answers to your specific situation, you should consult with an attorney. I can recommend a good one if you desire. 
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