Peer Advisory Group (Feedback)

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Hi Everybody ,
    I had the chance this week to be part of a online peer advisory board this week.  I thought I would share my experience w/ the community as I feel SuN has much of the same attributes as far as us (entrepreneurs) really coming together as a team. 
    The program I am trying out is</A> .  I must say I really didn`t know what to expect going into it.   I logged onto the virtual boardroom and called the toll free conference #.
     The first session was pretty much a introduction from the facilitator and what to expect from this board.  Next we were given 10 min`s each for a quick introduction about us and our business`s .  During this time the floor was open to questions form other board members.  I was a little bit intimidated at first listening to some of these other amazingly successful entrepreneurs, but I soon saw many similarities in problems and growth issues.  Overall I was very impressed by this group. The next meeting will be in two weeks where we were given the assignment of coming to the board w/ a specific business issue that we are having and a possible solution. I am excited to get some peer insight from some extremely impressive people . 
Here is a link to article that articulates this a little better than I do.</A>
   I would like to get some feedback on this kind of service and if you find value in it.
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