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Need Feedback on New BOG Logo

TomBOGTomBOG subscriber Posts: 3
edited May 2008 in Marketing
Hey all,
     I was hoping to get some feedback for a change in my company logo. I`ve been looking for a solution for renaming the Bedroll Protector.
Bedroll describes your sleeping bag & pad together. Problem is, most people aren`t familiar with the term `bedroll`. Some people think it`s a cover for your truck bed. If we call it a sleeping bag protector, that doesn`t really cover it either. The problem with sleeping bag protector and bedroll protector, is that it doesn`t completely describe the product. The product not only protects/keeps dry/clean/etc your sleeping bag and pad while rolled up, it also protects you and your gear while sleeping. For those that haven`t seen the product, you can see it here: http://www.blackstoneoutdoorgear.com
So, I guess we need to accomplish two things in the name:
1. Quickly and easily describe the benefits and what the product does 2. Make the name catchy and attractive
Maybe it needs to be done with a catchy name and a tag line that follows describing the product. ie. BiRP-The Sleeping Bag Protection System
Some other descriptive words I`ve thought about are: armor, shell, capsule, casing, cocoon(taken), cover, covering, housing, husk, jacket, pod, sheath, shell, shield, skin
I`ve been knocking this crux around in my head for quite some time now, but just haven`t come up with the ah-ha name.
My web designer suggested:
`Why don`t you use the Blackstone Outdoor Gear, which is an awesome branding name, for your product and also for other products in the future and just add the name of the product under the logo. I have attached the idea for you to see.`
I think it`s a pretty good idea, but I wanted to get some feedback. I would like to attach the pdf logos, but wasn`t sure how.
Thanks for your help,
Blackstone Outdoor Gear LLC




  • TomBOGTomBOG subscriber Posts: 3
       Thank you very much for the feedback. We`re diligently searching for the name that just clicks. It always helps to get ideas from someone outside of our circle. It helps stimulate possibilities that might otherwise be overlooked.
    Thanks again,
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    I think that "bedroll" is a much better text identifier for your product - and as someone who has been camping/backpacking for over 48 years (since I was four years old) it certainly makes sense to me.  A couple comments about your logo: 1.) I don`t know that the "R" letterform in the logo is strong enough - and initial glimpse at the logo results in me reading it as "bedpoll."; 2.) Coming from the old KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) school of design myself, I wonder if you need all four of the circular elements in the logo - they seem a little distracting to me.
    I do realize that you didn`t ask for a critique of the BOG corporate logo - but I was immediately drawn to it at the top of you website and read it as "3Og" or "3og."  I didn`t realize that the first element was a "B" until taking a second look and actually reading your company name.
    - J.
  • TomBOGTomBOG subscriber Posts: 3
       I am looking for critique from any angle. Suggestions help lead to improvements. Thank you.
       Now, bedroll is familiar to you, but do you think that the average Joe instantly recognizes it? The feeling that I`ve been getting is `no`. It`s not the first time I`ve heard the same about `bedpoll` and it being too complicated and hard to read.
       The corporate logo can be very easily misread as 3OG, and your point is well taken. That`s why we`re redesigning the corporate logo. We`re not only looking for a different logo for the product, but also a different name altogether. We just haven`t come up with anything that clicks, yet.
       I would very much like to post the new logos, but haven`t figured out how to do so.
    One more question. Since you`re a seasoned camper/backpacker, what do you think of our product? I know that there`s nothing else like it on the market and it does what it claims to do, keep you and your gear clean and dry.
    Thanks again,
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