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chessimochessimo subscriber Posts: 2

Hi friends,
currently I am working on a marketing plan for the launch of my first web-based project. I need to make some financial estimations. The project`s aim is to achieve high traffic and consquently make money through web-space marketing.
Unfortunately I could not find useful tipps on how to price banners and general pricing strategies.
Can somebody give me tips on this ? 
Thanks in advance,
Can somebody help me out in this?


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    chessimochessimo subscriber Posts: 2

    @craig landes
    Yes, examples might be helpful. But general guidelines and what to consider when determining prices.
    Do You have an idea how it works ?
    Thanks for your reply.
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    SovagraphicsSovagraphics subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Tolgahan,I read your post, and as Craig had asked, are you looking to find out how much it would cost to get a banner done, or are you thinking how much you should charge when making a banner for some one?If the latter, there are a lot of great posts out there, that should give you an idea how to make your prices. These 2 are most useful. http://www.positivespaceblog.com/archiv ... -should-ch arge-why-you-should-stick-your-price/ http://freelanceswitch.com/rates/Good luckKate
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    passion09passion09 subscriber Posts: 0
    hi chessimo,
    take a look at the little history since 2000. This is to help you draw a round figure of what you are looking for , by comparing these-


    “In the third quarter of 2000, online advertising shrank overall for the first time, dropping 6.5 percent, to just under $2 billion dollars. The average price of a banner ad toppled from a $50 CPM to less than $5.”MediaPost


    “CPM = $10 (a typical rate for general, not-very-targeted websites)”WilsonWeb
    “The general consensus seems to be that the average effective banner ad CPM today is somewhere in the neighborhood of $10.”Content Intelligence


    “Today, you can buy a run-of-network banner for $2 CPM or less”Clickz


    “CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) have sort of found the bottom’ said Gary Stein, an analyst with Jupiter Research. The average Internet CPM is now $1.13–down from a year-2000 norm of $4 or $5, and when some very targeted sites enjoyed as much as a fat $100 per CPM. ”AllBusiness


    “As of 2004, prices range from $1/CPM for a run-of-network to about $50/CPM or more for specialized targeted runs”Wikipedia


    Fifty-five percent saw prices rise for run-of-network inventory, even though as much as half of available inventory on larger networks such as Yahoo! remains unsold, or goes for as little as $1 to $3 CPMMedia Buyer Planner


    Judging by the conversations I’ve had with various publishers and agencies I’ve been communicating with over the last 12 months,- prices average have been anywhere from 20c for very untargeted space, e.g. general social networks; to $20 CPM (and higher in some cases) for highly targeted, top shelf sites
    I often kick myself for not having started Taming the Beast.net just a couple of years earlier than I did. I think it was December 2000 when I started getting into affiliate and general web marketing seriously - just as the crap was really hitting the fan - brilliant timing . Ah well, it was positive from the viewpoint of wading into the digital bloodshed, learning about the mistakes that others had made and then trying to avoid the same
    Hope this will help you estimate.
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    chessimochessimo subscriber Posts: 2

    hey thanks a lot...
    this is pretty helpful as I am about to plan the prices... Always nice to see that "well segmented pages" that really have a particular customer profile can demand higher prices
    btw, rebepreneur yours ?
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    Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    Banners are a staple of the advanced representation industry and record for the lion's share of most sign business deals. So it's essential to get this one right. For a few sorts of signs, you can construct your quotes in light of material and work costs, then include your fancied edge. For industry staples like standards, that is most likely going to prompt to your quotes being too low.
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    anushkachhakrabartianushkachhakrabarti subscriber Posts: 219 Silver Level Member
    The pricing of banner is depend on size and type also. you can have a small banner made starting from $20, while standard sizes only are from $28. Large banners, web page headers, Facebook covers, logo designs and landing pages start at just $49.
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