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Rate my site please!

tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
edited September 2006 in Website Critique
I need your help, my site is built, but I feel like it is missing some things.  One of the pages that I need to have is pictures of the cars that I have done.  (I do a lot of $150,000 cars).  But have not put it up yet.  What else do I need! 
What about an online appointment book so that people can just book the appointment?  Or is that to labor intensive for me to keep up with and is it impersonal?
Thanks for all the help!


  • tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for taking a look, the pic`s will be up, I just have to find the time to do it.  I did the site myself, so there is no web developer, grrr, that would be nice.  This was my first site I have done (I did use a template).  We never charge the same amount of money for the cars that we do the range is too great ($200-$800) and I dont want to "pigon hole" myself in to a price if something more needs to be done on the car.  I think it is a good idea to have them make appointmets that way, I just wanted to make sure it was not impersonal
    Thanks again for the imput!
  • soulfireimgsoulfireimg subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Tony,

    Congratulations on the website. Always an important and exciting step in

    As a new member, I decided to go straight to this forum since it deals in
    my business expertise. And this is my first reply so I hope it is helpful for

    Aesthetically, I think your site looks great. Simple colors, clean design
    and relative graphics. The information is straight-forward and direct
    which is always the best path on a website; give a visitor what they need/
    want quickly and effectively.

    My suggestion comes in presentation of the information. Going through
    each page on your site, my eye kept zeroing out the text into large
    blocks/paragraphs without intuitively wanting to read past the 1st
    paragraph. This is somewhat intimidating to visitors both interested or
    just passing through. I would recommend a better breakup of the text
    information and utilize a grid layout with specific information leading the
    viewer to the most important parts of your site. Typical web page grid
    layouts are a 4 square, a columed (2,3 or 4) or rowed format to give
    priority to specific information. This being especially important on the
    pricing page. Consider the use of simple tables or for advanced
    development, CSS for the blocked information.

    Also, I would try a graphic(s) that lead users into a specific page with
    information especially for ensuring you get customer information/
    inquiries like the appointment book form you`re considering. The home
    page usually works best for this as it is the initial crossroad to all sections
    of your site. Think of a graphic as a quick ad for your site. Consider a
    "Contact Us for More Info!" graphic or "Check Out Our Competitive
    Pricing", etc. You can look around the web and see other sites that do
    this. It`s a good way to break up all of the HTML web text and not have
    the important information get lost. As well, it leads the viewers to
    sections you want them to view.

    As for an appointment book online, that is a good idea. Just be sure you
    have a support system in place to take care of inquiries or reservations
    promptly and effectively. Keep in mind the feeling when you purchase or
    reserve something online. Make sure your user/customer gets some type
    of confirmation that their form went through as well as a way for both
    you and the user to track the status of the submission. Always remember
    that customer service is just as important if not more than an actual in-
    person transaction. So any use of an appointment scheduler, item/service
    purchase (ecommerce store or payment processor), should be handled
    with reliability so that you establish an initial customer usage base
    leading into return users and hopefully referral business.

    I hope this helps or at least sparks ideas for future additions to your
    website. Good luck!

    Rick R.
    Owner/Director of Media Design & Development
  • FreshYieldsFreshYields subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Tony,One quick tip from a usability standpoint would be to make your links look like links.  Right now, they are the same color as your text, and have no rollover effect, whether that be underlining or color change.I would also put more of your pricing on the home page, or at least a special of some sort.  Give visitors the information they need as quick as possible, or atleast use that info to draw them to other sections of your site.  The goal with any website is conversions, through sales, contacts, or referrals.Steve
  • tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    Great point I will look in to that this weekend and when I make the changes, let you all know so you can tell me what you think!
  • AmericaspriceAmericasprice subscriber Posts: 0
    I clicked on your webiste and nothing... what happened??
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