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tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
Hello, I wanted to see if any of you have ever delt with a company called Tradia?  The web site is www.tradia.net</A>.  It is another business venture that they want me to get in to and open an office here in Central Oregon.  They used to have a presence here but the person who was running it moved away, so it would be a lot of work in the begining.  I think that the idea of a "trade broker" is a good one, but I am not sure about the company, so I thought I would check with my friends here to see if any of you know about them.
Any help would be welcome!


  • tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I have been using Tradia and it does work, basicaly some one who wants my service writes me a "Tradia Check" instead of cash, then I use the "Tradia Dollars" in my account for services that I need.  I can use any service in the nation as long as they are on the Tradia network.  It is a slick idea that is for sure!  Tradia sounds like a good company, and they seem to pay pretty well based on what you do and how many "customers" you get in your area.
    My main area of concern is, am I spreading myself to thin? I curently run two business, my wife has one, she works 48 hours a week at her job, and we have two children. 
    Also, I wanted to know if any one has had a bad experience with Tradia (excluding Central Oregon).
    So in answer to your question, it is possible!  The compnay does what it says and delivers as far as I can see so far.
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