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Cupid’s Lab - Concept feedback

tobintobin subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2007 in Website Critique
Name: Cupid`s Lab
URL: http://www.cupidslab.com

About the site:
Cupid`s Lab is an online social network focused on building a trusted and
fun environment for online dating. Launched as a social experiment
among friends, Cupid`s Lab opened its doors to the public in 2007 with
their premier matchmaking application that lets friends play cupid for one
another. Cupid`s Lab`s mission is simple: bring a human touch to finding
love in the digital age with new and exciting applications in an otherwise
stale and sterile industry.

I`ve been working on the site since the beginning of the year. I`ve been
handling all aspects of the site to date. Design, development, testing,

There are still a bunch of rough edges, but every day I`m working towards
cleaning it up.




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    MaximumCEOMaximumCEO subscriber Posts: 0
    Impressive website.  I recommend enlisting the help of a new
    partner or investor to help you take Cupid`s Lab to the next level.
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    tobintobin subscriber Posts: 1
    Steve, you hit one the areas I`ve been struggling with. You are right
    though. It needs to be more clear as to what the site is... For the headline
    I`ve been thinking about changing it to:

    Do you know two people you think would be great for one another?

    Then follow it up with how to participate on the site as a matchmaker.


    I really appreciate the compliment. It`s hard for me to detach myself from
    the site and feel satisfied with it... I`m constantly wanting more from
    myself and my work. So it`s very meaningful for me when someone gives
    me postitive feedback!

    I am currently in the process of trying to promote the site more and get
    myself infront of people who can assist with taking it further. I`ve been
    working on this outside of my day job, but it`s been a rough road
    balancing everything out.

    Right now I`m working on submitting my site for review to an incubator
    and it feels like I`m applying to schools all over again. I agree with finding
    a partner. This has largely been a solo project and it`s taking it toll...
    mostly in the motivational side of things.

    Thanks guys!

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