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Hello every one. I just wanted to let people know that I have found a great way to save money. Calling:For
my business, I have to make a lot of phone calls. I also had to get a
800 number. With Verizon it cost me a boatload. I found out about and since then I been paying $20 a month for unlimited
call around the world. Faxing:Same
goes here, I used to pay a boatload for faxing between paper, ink and a
fax until I found out about eFax. It let me send faxes though my email,
and that really saved me money. Please post anything else that you have found that saved you money!


  • VirtualAssistantVirtualAssistant subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello all,As a virtual assistant I`m always on the look out for useful services that don`t cost a bunch of money.  I have used Efax as well as MyFax for fax services.  I use TollFreeForwarding for my toll free number, there are no monthly fees and you use only the time used, only minor thing is you much have at least a $10.00 pre-paid balance with them at the beginning of the month.  Works great for my use.I love using OpenSource Software (Firefox, Thunderbird, SunBird and OpenOffice) save a bundle on software that way.  If you`re someone who needs to track their hours for billing purposes web source that`s really useful is  I also use for many of web-site resources, most of their products are free (with ad support) or minimal cost for their professional versions.BTW, great discussion.
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    Thanks for the info on Vigor Tel, I use the phone a whole lot too and have been considering something like this, especially for out of country calls.
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