Where do I keep my money/business?

tertiustertius subscriber Posts: 7
Hey,I`ve been a browser and an on and off poster.  I`ve been thinking about the following scenarios and I`d like some advice.  I haven`t really done a lot of research, I have done some, but maybe you guys can point me in the right direction.I`m a South-African resident at the moment.  Doing all of my business here.  But I plan to move to another country, lets assume it`s the U.S. since most of you have your experience there.  Now I run most of my business by myself and I don`t need physical contact with the customers, so I`m going to be doing business with my local customers after I`ve moved.  And I`ll probably move again in a few years.Now, do I keep my South-African incorporation?  Do I move it offshore?  Do I create a new one in every country that I move to?Do I incorporate in a tax haven, I haven`t found anything about these on the forums here?  But it does form part of my question.And please if there is anything that I need to clarify, I will do so.Thanks for any response,T
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